3 Clear Indications Your Driving Skills & Techniques Need Improving

Driving on an open road may appear easy. But there is always so much more about the concept of proper driving than what meets the eye. Those who remain ignorant of such key driving habits and techniques often find themselves victims of some road collision or accident.

It is precisely why one should practice dedicatedly to perfect those key driving skills and gather a good amount of experience before taking their car out on a freeway. As, for those who haven’t driven in a while, they must be sure that they can drive properly and safely on their own. Or else, they are just putting themselves at risk of another ugly (even life-threatening) accident!

It is why Academy Of Driving Excellence,- your reliable driving school near Richmond suggests that if you are still not adept in safe driving or defensive driving, then you should look to perfect those skills and technique before going out.

To help you know whether your driving skills need improving or not, our course trainers serving in and around Richmond point out these 3 signs.

i) You Constantly Repeat Common Driving Errors

Inexperienced drivers often remain unaware of a lot of things prior to entering their car and taking the steering wheel. And eventually find themselves having to take their eyes off the road and perform those things or adjustments as they are driving.

Some of those common driving blunders which inexperienced drivers commit repeatedly are as follows –

  • Not buckling up their seat-belts
  • Not adjusting the side and rear-view mirrors properly before driving out
  • Getting into a bad or improper seating position
  • Not turning off the high beams when driving
  • Not making appropriate use of the turn signals
  • Trusting DRLs when driving at night
  • Speeding through a yellow light
  • Not scanning the street crossing or intersection before moving in
  • Driving way too slowly when passing
  • Suddenly hitting the brakes without using indicators or sending out any warning
  • Changing lanes while turning
  • Not looking out for other vehicles on the same road

As yourself – Do you make these mistakes almost every time either before you drive out or while you drive in a busy street?

If so, then it is a clear indication that you need to polish up your driving skills, techniques and approach.

To help you perfect your skills and approach to safe driving, we offer you comprehensive driving lessons all across Richmond to boost your confidence and turn you into the confidence driver you always wanted to be.

ii) You Lack Proper Defensive Driving Knowledge & Training

Defensive driving teaches learners how to stay safe on the highway (regardless of the road or weather conditions). Such courses incorporate a series of driving guidelines focussed towards keeping the driver and everyone else on the road, safe and sound.
Our own detailed and well-planned defensive driving training is a proven program which educates learners about –

  • Identifying road hazards and making quick necessary adjustments to avoid it
  • Maintaining a safe trailing distance
  • Being vigilant while driving at all times
  • Knowing the road conditions
  • Respecting and obeying traffic laws, speed limits, traffic signals and road markings while driving
  • Maintaining a controlled rate of acceleration
  • Keeping the eyes on the road and not giving in to distractions
  • Paying attention to the other drivers on the road
    (And More)

By educating our learners with each of these life-long safe driving practices; we make them competent enough to handle any road hazard and reduce their chances of collisions, accidental injuries and even court time.

If you didn’t give importance to these defensive driving practices or lack its proper knowledge and training thereof, then it’s another clear giveaway that you should up-skill yourself by enrolling for our defensive course training offered across Richmond.

iii) You find it Difficult Whenever Driving in Tough Conditions

To be fair, every driver needs to maintain extra caution whenever driving through tough conditions. Whether it’s slippery or damaged roads, inclement weather or even driving in poor light; such conditions always tests the driver’s skills. And only those few who have proper training along with hours and hours of self-dedicated practice can navigate through such conditions and still reach their destination safely.

But for those who lack proper training and appropriate driving techniques – it is no surprise that they will find driving in such conditions a bit too much to handle.

If you know deep down that you aren’t skilled enough to drive in such testing conditions; then maybe you should enrol for our quality course training and learn to drive properly and confidently across Richmond in any given condition!

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As a premier driving school operating in Melbourne and all its other suburbs; we firmly believe that there are no shortcuts to success. Safe/effective driving is an art and mastering it needs time, dedication and lots and lots of practice.

If you think that your present driving skills are not up-to-the-mark; CALL US today and enrol for our courses. All lessons are conducted by our diligent and experienced driving instructors operating in and around Richmond (like the rest of our targeted suburbs).
And during your course training, they will teach you everything there is to know about defensive driving and turn you into a confident driver for life.

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