4 Dangerous Driving Habits Every New Driver Should Avoid

As soon as you earn a driving license, you feel adrenalin rush when it comes to hitting the road. The sense of freedom and excitement of self-driving instigate you to commit the most common blunders and make you a potential victim of severe injuries. Don’t get carried away by the excitement. A driving license is a permit that allows you to drive on road rather than instigating you to involve in accidents. Latest studies have revealed that 80% of road crashes account for reckless driving and in most cases, they are committed by learner drivers.

In this blog, we have listed top 4 bad driving habits that are common in Melbourne roads for you to be aware of.
*Rash Driving During Peak Hours*

Deadly collision and crashes are often a result of reckless driving particularly at the peak hours of the day. While pursuing driving lessons at the best driving school in Melbourne you might have learnt about the traffic signs, road rules and the necessity of abiding by the traffic laws. However, learner drivers tend to break road rules and indulge in rash driving at busy hours. The consequences are obviously road crashes, collisions with other vehicles and severe car damages.

*Ignoring to Use Indicators*

Confidence is good but overconfidence is counterproductive. Learner drivers exercise their full freedom on-road and needless to say, end up making costly blunders. Letting other drivers know about your actions is essential to avoid the risk of collisions. While changing lanes or making a turn, you should always use blinkers to make others aware of your actions. Forgetting to use indicators can lead to dangerous outcomes and count on your life as well as motorists or pedestrians crossing the road.

*Not Checking the Mirrors*

The key to safe driving starts by checking and resetting your mirrors. If you are planning to go out with your car for the first time, you should recall the cheap driving lessons Melbourne taught by the professional instructors and follow the road rules to ensure full safety behind the wheels. Resetting your front and side mirrors and watching out on the surrounding traffic while changing lanes is key to safe driving. Unfortunately, learner drivers fail to follow these general norms and end up making costly blunders to their vehicle.

*Distracted Driving*

Distractions during driving can lead to life-threatening road accidents and make you repent for a lifetime. Professional driving instructor in Melbourne always makes beginners aware of road safety rules to ensure they stay safe behind wheels. Speaking over phone, watching live cricket scores, news and eating can count on your life and result in deadly crashes. Distracted driving also poses a serious threat to the life of pedestrians and motorists. It slows down your response time and the moment you apply an emergency brake, things would already go beyond your control.

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