4 Tips on How to Prevent Your Car from Damage Caused by Potholes

As temperatures rise after the wet weather, potholes appear on the face of the road. They form when the rain seeps into the ground below the road surface. When temperatures drop below a certain level, the water locked inside the cracks expand and as a direct consequence, the pavements are pushed up. When in summer, the temperature gradually increases, the ground returns to its base level. Still, the road surface remains raised, creating a hollow space between the pathway and the soil below it. The road surface then cracks and falls into the ground level when heavy vehicles pass over it and thus, potholes emerge.

Every year, a large number of drivers fall victim to the pothole trap and end up facing minor and major damages. From tire damage to cracks and dents in the car body to damaged suspension, the hazards caused by potholes are often costly, and that’s why you should take care to be extra cautious not to run over potholes. Here are four preventive methods that automobile experts suggest to minimise pothole-related damage.

Keep tires optimally inflated according to the tire pressure prescribed by the manufacturer: An optimally inflated set of tires have a better chance of mitigating pothole damage than a set of under-inflated tires, says a professional instructor at a driving school in Melbourne. If the tires are properly inflated, they can withstand the impact of hitting a pothole adequately, saving your car’s suspension from woes. The expert also suggests that you should raise your tire, keeping in mind the recommended tire pressure prescribed by the manufacturer. You can usually find the details in the interior panel of the driver’s doorjamb.

Ensure that your suspension is in excellent shape: Suspension bushing or worn shocks will not be enough to prevent your car from the impact, much like under-inflated tires. How do you know that your suspension is in bad shape? Look for excessive vibration, changes in the handling of the vehicle or uneven tire erosion.

Keep adequate following distance and be wary of puddles: When you maintain sufficient following distance prescribed by the manual of the driving school in Melbourne, you get to watch out for any oncoming hazards on the road. It gives you enough time to calculate the danger and act accordingly so that you can minimise the impact by hitting brakes or adjust your speed according to the situation. Also watch out for puddles forming on the road, since they may conceal deadly potholes. With pools, you can’t often analyse the depth of the potholes, and that’s why it’s better to bypass them.

Hit the brake beforehand and have a firm grip on the wheels: While on the road, sometimes it’s impossible to bypass a pothole. Manoeuvring your vehicle away from the pothole may lead the car to swerve and may posit more significant threat on the road than the pothole itself. In those cases, it is better to slow down and face the impact while having a firm grip on the steering wheel lest you lose control. It’s imperative to hit the brake beforehand because according to automotive experts, braking while going through a pothole can cause more damage to the car than expected.

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