Advices from Driving Instructors on Budget Car Maintenance

It is very hard for the young drivers to buy a car with their pocket money and learn to drive. Since they are passionate about it, most of them take their parents’ cars to sharpen their driving skills after completing the driving lessons in Caulfield. Even those who are successful in purchasing their first vehicle by working hard and saving money, maintaining it is the toughest job for them.

So, if your parents have gifted you a four-wheeler or you have bought your own, an important thing which you need to do is maintain it. Maintaining the vehicle is highly important to avoid costly repair. Besides, it increases the car longevity too. And if you might have to sell it after five or ten years to buy a new one, you can be sure of getting a good price in exchange. To learn about the driving skills and tips for automobile maintenance the best thing which you can do is hire a professional driving instructor in Caulfield.

Strategy to Save Money on Car Repair And Maintenance


  • Saving

You must always save money for an emergency. You might never know when you will need a hefty amount for repairing your vehicle. Therefore, it is always a better idea to keep saving a small amount every time you can to face any kind of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Servicing

One of the most simple ways to save on car repair and maintenance which you will get to learn in your driving lessons in Caulfield is regular servicing. This is also a smart way to keep the vehicle running smoothly and increase its performance.

  • DIY

Don’t always drive your vehicle to the nearest servicing centre to fix minor issues such as changing the brake pads, replacing the battery, cleaning and replacing the wiper blade, cleaning the EGR valves, etc. These are the simple things which you can easily do on your own at your home.

  • On-Time Repair

It is always a smart idea to fix a minor problem on time to avoid costly repair. So if you are facing any issue with your vehicle then you must take it to a reputed service centre and get it fixed.

  • Cleaning The Air Filter

To keep your car in the best condition you must keep the air filter clean. The expert driving instructor in Caulfield does recommend changing the air filter after every 10 to 12 months or so. If you are using the vehicle regularly, then changing the filter after 1000 or 1200 miles is recommended.

  • Oil Change

When it comes to changing the oil, you must always use the car oil of a branded company. Don’t pour cheap oil into the engine as it will hamper its performance. Remember that fresh oil is good for the engine and it will also make your driving smooth.

  • Research For Repair Service

No matter how much effort you make to keep your car in top condition, at some point of the time or the other you will need repair service. Now before taking your vehicle to a nearby service centre you must always do research. Try to find a reputed car repair centre that specialises in offering a high class of service within a reasonable price and also gives a warranty.

Academy Of Driving Excellence is the right destination for you to learn the best driving lessons in Caulfield. Our professional driving instructors will not just teach you how to drive a car safely and smoothly. But they will also provide you with information regarding the vehicle, its different parts and how you can maintain it and avoid costly repairs. So when you have the opportunity to learn so many things at a reasonable price then why waste time. Give us a call and book an appointment for further discussion.