All You Need To Know About the Car Clutch as a Learner

To drive a manual car, you will need to use the clutch to change the gears. Before changing the gears, you will need to press the clutch with your foot and then change the gear to drive at your desired speed.

If you are learning to drive, your instructor in Melbourne will teach you how to use the clutch properly. So, today we are just giving you an overview to get a basic idea of what the clutch is and how you can control it if you are learning to drive a manual car.

This is How the Clutch Works

The clutch works as a mediator between the engine and the wheels. So, when you press the clutch pedal, the wheel and the engine breaks i.e. the power flow to the wheels stop.

Generally, power always passes to your car’s engine when it is in gear and this is the reason for which even if you press the clutch, the wheels continue to turn, and when you depress the clutch pedal, power is slowly restored to the wheels.

In the basic stages, it might seem a bit difficult to control the clutch. So, the instructors providing the driving lessons in Melbourne dedicate one or two whole sessions in teaching the methods of operating the clutch.

How to Control the Clutch?

Controlling the clutch is not a difficult process. Still, the instructors providing the basic lessons recommend that you practice the clutch operation in an area that is free of congestion.

Firstly, start your car with the gear kept in neutral. Next, if the hand brake is on, release it. Now, press the clutch pedal and put the first gear.

After this, you can either put slight pressure on the accelerator or just start to release the clutch slowly to see the car moving forward. This will take a bit of practice but after a couple of minutes, you will get hold of it. However, when you practising and not taking up the learners driving lessons, make sure you don’t release the clutch all of a sudden as this will create a jolt and will shut the engine down if you are not pressing the accelerator pedal.

What to Keep In Mind While Controlling the Clutch?

Many learners find controlling the clutch hard at fast. But if you have a good instructor, he will help you out. Anyway, here we will tell you a few things that you need to keep in mind while controlling the clutch.

1) Do not push the accelerator hard while releasing the clutch

Doing this will create a jolt and will speed up your car, and as a beginner, if you do cannot control your speed, you might collide with a vehicle or an object in front of you. So, remember not to push your accelerator too hard.

2) Release the clutch slowly

Otherwise, your car engine will shut down. So, expert driving instructors in Melbourne recommend that as a beginner you don’t push the accelerator pedal at all. Rather practice car movement by only releasing the clutch slowly.

3) Change gears by pressing the clutch pedal

Changing, or trying to change the gears without pressing the clutch is never recommended. So, always press the clutch to change the gears to stay safe on the road.

So, these were a few things that you need to know as a beginner. But, when you start learning and progress further, you will learn a few other advanced ways of clutch control.

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