Avoid Accidents with These Tips from the Driving School in Malvern

Car accidents can be prevented by following simple tips such as wearing the seatbelts, keeping within the speed limit, etc. But unfortunately, many do not follow them or are not careful on the road which leads to fatal crashes.

Apart from the basic rules, there are a few others as well that we will discuss here to help you to avoid accidents when you are behind the wheels. And if you are from Malvern and have started taking driving lessons, make sure you follow these to stay safe on the road.

Slowing Down Always Helps

While driving, if you ever feel disoriented or confused, you should always slow down and park your car at a safe spot. This is the easiest way in which you can avert an accident and this is a protip that is always given by a driving instructor in Melbourne.

On the road, you must also keep a track of blind spots by following the side and rearview mirrors. Also, when making a left or right-hand turn at an intersection, take a look at both the directions before you proceed because cars can come from any of the sides suddenly.

Don’t Take Your Hands Off Of the Wheels

As a learner or a pro, you must always keep both of your hands on the wheel and try to reduce distractions such as using a smartphone or changing the audio track, eating something, etc. as this can be dangerous. If a vehicle appears in front of you or at your side, or if your tyres are blown, you will quickly lose control of the car and it might cause an accident.

Watch Out For Children and Animals

While driving, this is the first safety tip included in the driving lessons in Malvern. You need to be focused on the road and watch out for children and animals who can step into the middle of the road all of a sudden. So, if you are cautious, you can easily slow down your car.

Therefore, whenever you are driving through a residential area, keep an eye out for children and pets.

Frequent Vehicle Maintenance is Necessary

While driving, if any of the inner components of your car starts malfunctioning, it can cause accidents. So, to avoid this situation, you need regular vehicle maintenance. Keep the tyres inflated and check if the brakes, steering, clutch, etc. are working properly. To get a clear view you must also clean the windshields and the mirrors.

Look Backwards when Parking

Before parking, focus your attention on the space as well as the sides to avoid hitting any object or concrete. Also, you need to be careful of the cars parked at your back as they might suddenly start leaving their positions. So, you need to control the car to avoid a collision.

When parking, do not depend only on the rearview mirror. Turn your head backwards to get an accurate view of the parking space behind.

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