Common Warning Signs You Should Know To Be a Responsible Driver

The main purpose of warning signs is to let you know that the road ahead will get narrower, consist of a T-intersection, a change in the pavement or a substantial dip.
So, drive slowly and carefully whenever you see these bright yellow traffic signs. They always come at you with some important information about the road/highway ahead. And knowing what each of them means is important to stay safe when driving.

Here’s A Look at These Warning Signs

1) T-Intersection (Large Double Arrow Sign)

Whenever you come across his sign, it means that you will have to make a turn either left or right up ahead. Be sure to yield the right of way to the other driver on the cross-street and then turn in your intended direction.

2) DIP Sign

The DIP sign denotes that the road ahead will experience a considerable dip. And that is is your cue to slow down or else you could risk spinning out of control, damaging your vehicle and even injuring yourself severely.

3) The Soft Shoulder Sign

The soft shoulder sign denotes that the pavement road transitions into dirt/gravel at the shoulder. And that if your vehicle reaches the soft shoulder, then it will go out of control.

If you accidentally meander onto the soft shoulder, then look to return to the paved road.

4) Highway Intersection Ahead Sign

This sign denotes that whatever tiny road you were driving on is about to be crossed by a highway. The whole point of this road sign is to inform you of the higher volume of crossroad traffic all of which will be travelling at a good rate of acceleration. It also tells you that there will be more lanes up ahead- so be prepared and drive slowly!

5) Bridge Narrow Sign

This road sign tells you that the bridge is thinner than the road. So as you and the other drivers on the road move onto it, everyone will have to merge slightly closer together.

Also as you approach this sign, the key here is to drive slowly and use those viewing mirrors appropriately to avoid a collision.

6) Obstacle Warning Sign

This road sign appears in Black and Yellow Stripes and warns you about the obstacles which lie straight ahead, thus proving problematic for drivers to move forward. Be it marking rails on either side of the street, before narrow bridges or any other obstacle, drivers will be reminded of the poor driving conditions.
This sign proves very useful when driving through the night or in low-light conditions.

7) Truck Warning Sign

This sign points out that the road you are travelling is used frequently by heavy-duty trucks. As your drive over that highway, remember to give these truckers plenty of space and to stay out of their blind spots. Never look to cut them, off, mainly because truck drivers aren’t known for their good behaviours.

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