Driving an Automatic Car? Avoid These Habits for Better Safety

Since automatic cars do not have gears and the entire speed control depends on how much you accelerate, you will need to be very careful when driving an automatic car. Surely, this type of car does have some advantages over the vehicle with manual transmission. But then again, you will need to let go of certain habits for better safety when you are driving the former.

If you are in Melbourne and want to learn how to drive an automatic car, or if you are in the intermediate level driving this type of car, these are the points you should note down.

  • Putting the Car to Reverse Mode Before Stopping

Instructors from schools imparting advanced driving courses in Melbourne always direct their students to stop the automatic car before putting it in the reverse mode because doing the same while the car is in motion puts pressure on the transmission system. It also increases wear and tear, and this leads to increased expenses in car maintenance.

  • Being Careful with the Neutral Gear

If you are driving downhill, better not shift to neutral gear because as opposed to manual cars, this gear in the automatic car reduces the control over your car and this can lead to accidents. Also, in contrast to manual cars, the latter can still save fuel even without shifting to neutral.

  • Accelerating Too Much in the Neutral Gear

Doing so can effectively increase the wear and tear in the transmission system. Therefore you should not accelerate while the car is in neutral mode. Besides, pushing the accelerator while the automatic car is on the go has little effect on the actual acceleration. Moreover, switching to the normal drive gear suddenly from the neutral will give you a sudden speed boost which can make it difficult for you to control the car and you might meet with accidents.

  • Keep the Car in Drive Mode when You are at the Signal

If you are thinking that you can save the fuel of your car with automatic transmission by switching it to neutral mode at the signal, you are mistaken.

We have already mentioned this earlier. The neutral gear in this type of car does not contribute to saving fuel; rather, you will be compromising the control of the car if you switch to it. So, the professional driving instructors in Melbourne recommend that you keep your car in driving mode even when you are at the signal.

  • Be Careful with the Park Mode

Parking mode can add an extra layer of safety. However, you need to be extra careful of this mode as you can damage the pin that locks the brake. For that, you will first need to stop your car and then switch to park mode.

  • Checking the Transmission Fluid for Better Car Performance

Changing the car transmission fluid is a must for automatic vehicles. You will need to do it after your car covers 4000 to 5000 miles for achieving better performance and manoeuvring.

If you follow all of these steps, rest assured that you will be safer behind the wheels when driving the automatic car.

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