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Academy of Driving Excellence has in its team, some of the best and the most prolific driving instructors in Balwyn who are best, when it comes to offering driving lessons. Firstly, the driving lessons that we offer are holistic and encompass every driving skill and associated issues, the technicalities thereof, the present traffic and driving rules. Secondly, these lessons are provided by our instructors in the most prolific and professional way, with utmost care and compassion.

Our mentors are experienced, skilled and the most qualified, and this makes a lot of difference, when it comes to helping our trainees crack the driving test at one go.

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The Approach of our Balwyn Driving Instructors Makes them Unique

The mentors we have in our team are highly qualified, skilled and experienced. But these are not their USP. It’s their approach that makes the difference. While providing lessons, our Balwyn driving instructors will take into view the grasping power of our trainees. They know that not every trainee has the same IQ and intellect. Thus, while providing training, they will take a personalised approach, which will help the trainees master the skills with relative ease and comfort.
  • Our driving instructors near Balwyn will set a very comfortable pace of lessons, so much so that the trainees can be at ease with it and never under the pressure of mastering the skills in a hurry.
  • skills in a hurry.
    This easy pace of lessons and the customised, caring and professional approach of our driving mentors in Balwyn will help your trainees have a lot of confidence, absolute mastery of the skills and knowledge, while approaching their driving tests.
  • All these help a lot in cracking the driving tests at one go.
  • Also, our instructors will mend their ways to resolve each and every inquiry from the trainees with care and compassion. This friendly and customised approach sets our mentors apart from the others.
  • And to be frank, it is this attitude, along with the quality of our driving lessons that makes us the best driving school, with a record number of trainees cracking the tests at the first attempt every year.
  • Most importantly, they are more than well accustomed with the current VicRoad safety and traffic rules.

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