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Supportive Driving Instructor in Melbourne to Made the Lessons Easy

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we take pride in having the most trained and qualified driving instructors in Melbourne, who are friendly and professional and impart the best driving lessons in Melbourne to make you a pro driver. Our instructors have years of experience and work together to offer a well-balanced training program which aims to ease nervousness of beginners and help them become safe drivers on roads. We employ professional and patient driving teachers who possess apt skills and knowledge and help you become a pro driver within a few months.

Effective Methods of Training Applied by Our Driving Instructors in Melbourne

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, our driving instructors in Melbourne plan ahead of each lesson catering to a student’s unique needs so that they can successfully pass the driving test at the first attempt. Our best driving instructors in Melbourne utilise effective techniques derived from their years of experience to engage students in a constructive yet a friendly manner along with providing them with a positive learning environment. All of our instructors provide training as per your convenience and cover all suburbs around Victoria.

Our driving instructors in Melbourne are patient and they solve queries of their students step by step. So, you can rest assured that when you learn from our trainers, you can get complete knowledge of manoeuvring your car in the correct way. Moreover, when and if you develop the skills required to drive your car correctly, you will have no problems in passing the driving licence test in the very first attempt.

Supportive Driving Instructors in Melbourne

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, our trainers help in building confidence in students by providing them with skills and techniques so that they remain calm and composed on the road. We do recognise and understand each student’s priority. That is why our driving instructors provide cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne so that it becomes easier for everyone to understand. We organise lessons during weekends either early or at late time slots.
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Our Driving Instructors in Melbourne Always Train Safely

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, all of our driving instructors meet VicRoads testing criteria and official driving standards. All of our cars are insured and equipped with dual pedal breaks. We prioritise students’ safety and ensure they feel safe and comfortable whilst driving. To ensure students attain maximum progress on their competencies, our driving trainers put their best efforts to understand their driving capabilities and how they can help the student to make them a pro driver.

Before you join our school, you can learn more about how they ensure safety during each driving session. Furthermore, whenever you are driving and your instructor is beside you, he or she will thoroughly observe how you are operating the car to keep you safe from accidents.

  • Our driving instructors in Melbourne are all highly skilled and qualified and they have immense patience to provide the best lessons that can easily be grabbed by the trainees of any intellect.
  • They understand that no two trainees have the same IQ level and they cannot grasp the lessons with equal competence. That’s why, they come up with specialised training modules, which make the lessons and the learning as seamless as they can be.
  • Besides, they ensure that they provide training at a pace that leaves our trainees at ease, and helps them master the skills pretty fast and gain the necessary confidence that makes all the difference during the driving test.
  • They will provide customised training and will go all the way to do whatever it takes to help the trainees get a fair amount of lessons about not only driving and associated issues, but also about the mechanical anatomy of your vehicle. They would also help them get an idea of the most important spare parts, their functionality and the way they can be maintained, repaired and replaced.
  • All these make the trainees not only mere drivers, but truly confident blokes at the wheels.
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How long does it take to learn to drive?

The time taken to learn to drive depends on the lesson packages that you have registered for. We at Academy Of Driving Excellence offer various lessons and you can find them in our ‘Prices’ page.

Do you offer both manual and automatic cars?

Yes, we offer both manual and automatic cars for our students. So, you can select anyone you like. But if you require help regarding choosing the car type, contact us now. We will help.

Will the driving instructors teach everything?

Yes, our qualified driving instructors will teach you comprehensively so that you can drive through various situations easily.

Do you offer driving related resources?

Yes, we do. You can find them in our ‘Blog’ section where we post useful content to help you improve driving.

Does it take long to learn the fundamentals of driving?

No, it does not. You can learn the basics in just a few sessions. But to learn the advanced topics and concepts, you will need to choose the right course. Talk to us and we will help you with this.

Do you offer well-maintained cars?

Yes, we always provide well-maintained cars for our students to give them a memorable learning experience.

Can I pass the driving test after completing the lessons?

Yes, after completing the driving lessons you can take for the driving exam and even pass the same in one go.

Can I quickly improve my driving skills?

You can improve your skills quickly. You will need to ask questions to our instructors while learning. You should also go through our blogs to gain more information since the knowledge will help you drive efficiently.

How to get enrolled at a course?

To enrol at a driving course, call us or click the ‘Book Your Lesson’ button and fill out the form now.