“EASE YOUR DRIVING TEST NERVES…” -How To Pass Driving Test For The 1st-Time?

‘Being nervous is normal. – Be it on the day of your first board exams; your first ever date with your 1st girlfriend/boyfriend… ‘or when looking to pass your driving test on the 1st attempt.

Fortunately for you; “Academy Of Driving Excellence”; offers you some key driving tips to ease all your nervous energy and performance anxiety, and prepare you for your 1st-driving test.

Lets begin.

Take 40-45 Hours Of Lessons Prior To Taking a Driving Test

As per our driving school norms in Melbourne, a student should procure 40-45 hours of full-fledged training before sitting for a driving test. Even the DVSA- (Driver And Vehicle Standards Agency) recommends young drivers to follow this rule.

Not only will it boost your inner confidence, but prepare your mind and body to work conjointly during the actual test. And having gone through all the necessary drills; you would back yourself to succeed in whatever the examiner asks of you.

Familiarise Yourself With Roads Youll Be Asked To Drive On

Look to familiarise yourself with the test routes. This will make you comfortable and confident behind the wheels. Also look to drive on dual carriageways, major/minor roads and country lanes to up-skill yourself behind the wheels.

Once youve experienced all of them, youll fancy your chances of clearing the test on your 1st attempt.

Take A Mock Test To Understand To Rectify Your Flaws

Just like school- do a mock drive test to know your flaws. Request your examiner to spare a few extra minutes to conduct the test and point out whatever mistakes you make. Choose one of the test routes and make use of whatever lessons youve learned during your training to know where you stand.

If you make minor blunders, then it is a sign that you are 90% ready. But if its vice-versa, then dont lose heart and work on those flaws with more practice during your spare time.

‘There is no short-cut to success. It takes dedication, hard work and the will to succeed.

Check Your Mirrors Frequently To Avoid Lack Of Observation

Improper use of mirrors resulting in lack of observation stands as one of the main reasons why so many students fail their driving test. Even the examiner observes your mirror handing and usage and marks you on it.

So, check your mirrors regularly when setting off, changing road positions, shifting gears, looking for blind spots, and when approaching potential road hazards. Make a habit of moving your head whenever checking the mirrors. If you do it properly; the examiner will appreciate it and even give you good scores for your presence of mind and active observation.

Learn To Drive In All Weather Conditions

You cant control the weather. But what you can control is your skills behind the steering wheel. Theres no telling what the weather will be on your big day, and so learn to drive in all weather conditions.

Be it shine or rain; you should be good enough to control the vehicle using all your learned lessons and keep yourself (and others on the road) safe, and unscathed.

Go Over All Theoretical Lessons Again

Do this even when you know them by heart. Go over all those key theoretical lessons, safe driving tips, highway codes route signs, and all other that includes. It will only make you more confident and inform you if you are up-to-date with the latest DVLA driving standards.

Arrive 10-15 mins Before The Test

Always reach the test centre 10-15 minutes before the exam. This will give you time to calm your nerves without having to wait for long.

Our driving school instructor in Melbourne says –

“Always keep time at hand prior to your driving test. It allows you to prepare your mind and gather up your self-confidence. In sharp contrast to this, rushing to your test centre will make you feel flustered, stressed and not in the best frame of mind. And when that happens, there are more chances of committing mistakes during the test.”

Familiarise With Your Car For ‘The SHOW & TELL Part

Be thorough with the cars instruction manual. It will give you a brief overview of:-

The car mechanics.
Where certain features are located.
And how to use them smartly at the right time.

Driving test will check your basic understanding of the car. By being thorough about each car feature, and you will breeze through the ‘show-&-tell part.

BONUS TIP- Listen Carefully To Your Instructor At The End Of The Exam.

The best advice youll get will be at the end of the driving test- regardless of whether you PASS or FAIL. If you fail, the instructor will explain the reason and what you should do the next time you appear.

And if you pass; you will receive feedback that will give you an invaluable insight to make you more adept in driving in real-time conditions.

Do remember that there is always scope for improvement. You just need the will to do it.

For more tips and suggestions about driving and its test, speak to our instructors via call or email. Our business hours are from Mon – Sun : 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.