Effective Ways to Control Motion Sickness While Driving

Motion sickness is a common disease but can be troublesome when you are behind the wheels. Though the reasons for motion sickness are not well understood, there are ways to control it and today we will focus on this very topic.

Some of the common symptoms of motion sickness are sweating, dizziness, nausea, headache, etc., and if you have motion sickness, take a look at what our experts have to say. Also, before moving to the methods of controlling motion sickness, we will say that even though you have the disease, you can easily learn driving.

Distractions are Useful Here

Luckily, if you have motion sickness but are driving, you might not experience the symptoms much. However, if you do, creating distractions might help. Now, during driving, our experts never recommend you to get distracted by things such as using a mobile phone, watching videos, etc. So, by distractions, we mean listening to some of your favourite tracks if you have an audio player. Also, the driving instructors from our driving school in Melbourne suggest that you start a conversation with the other travellers in the car (if any).

Let the Air Come In

If there are no travellers, don’t be nervous. Open your car’s windows and let the cool fresh air come in. It will soothe your nerves and will help in easing the symptoms. Additionally, avoid speeding and drive along a safe path that is free of congestions for your safety.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption and Spicy Foods

Alcohol enhances dehydration and digesting spicy foods can take a lot of time. So, avoid both of these before you start to drive. Moreover, alcohol and spicy foods can make symptoms worse. Hence, the best idea is to take light foods that can be easily digested.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you are going to drive or are taking an intensive driving course in Melbourne, always stay hydrated as it helps to ease the motion sickness. A glass of water is enough to ease nausea, one of the most common symptoms of motion sickness. Or, you can drink some carbonated beverages too if you like. However, if you have extreme motion sickness, it is always best to avoid caffeinated drinks before you start driving.

Talking to Yourself

This might sound crazy at first, but this is a great way to ease the motion sickness symptoms that might appear when you are driving.

Talking to yourself is both a distraction and a good way of keeping yourself engaged. Studies have shown that when you are fully engaged in something, the traditional symptoms either do not kick in at all or might appear mildly which can be controllable.

Stop the Car If Necessary

As a last resort, if you are facing too much trouble in driving, it is best to stop the car and call for help if necessary. Our driving instructors in Melbourne recommend that you stop the car in a fuel station or a populated area so that you call for emergency assistance if required.

Motion sickness is not something to be worried about. With practice, you can control it and you will face little or no problems while driving.

Drive Safe by Learning from the Experts

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