Follow These 8 Steps to Stay Safe While Driving in Fog

If you are learning to drive in Melbourne, you might ask how to stay safe when driving in a fog and today we will answer your question in detail. Here, we will provide you with some guidelines that are prepared by expert instructors of a reputed driving school in Melbourne.

Now let’s take delve straight into the steps that you need to follow to stay safe in fog.

Don’t Use The High Beam Lights

High beam lights can increase your visibility when the weather is clear but when it is foggy, you shouldn’t use it because high beams can reflect off the particles of water present in the fog and can reduce your visibility even more. So, the instructors providing the driving lessons in Melbourne suggest that you use fog lights or better stick to the low beams.

Windshield Wipers and Defrosters Can Come in Handy

The wipers in your car will help you to look what’s ahead by removing the accumulated water particles off of your windshield when you are driving in a fog.

Additionally, you should also use your car’s defrost as it will help to clear off the water particles in the windshield. But when you are driving, try not to wipe the windshield with a cloth while the car is still in motion and if do want to wipe, park your car at a safe spot and do the needful.

Drive Slowly

Though this is a common lesson yet is a helpful one. In fog, even with the fog beams on you might not clearly see what’s ahead of you. So, the best practice is to always drive slowly and use the proper indicators whenever and wherever required as this will keep you safe.

Notice the Lights of the Other Vehicles

While driving in fog, you will need to notice the lights of the other vehicles in front of you, or those that are coming from the opposite directions as this will help you to control your speed.

For this reason, the instructors providing the manual and automatic driving lessons in Melbourne always suggest that you focus on the road and avoid distractions such as texting, or making calls while you are behind the wheels.

Don’t Pull the Brakes Suddenly

Yes, it’s true that driving in fog can become confusing in the beginning due to reduced visibility and if you are a learner, you might want to stop your car first to take a look at what’s around. But instructors providing driving lessons suggest that you shouldn’t do that because the visibility is low by default and for that reason, the vehicles on your back might not see you from a distance and might ram your car from behind.

Maintain Safe Distance

Any instructor from a reputed driving school near Melbourne will always tell you to maintain a safe distance from the car in the front especially in situations when the visibility is low by default such as rain or fog. This reduces the chances of colliding with the vehicle and helps you to stay safe.

Blow Horn

Blowing the horn is another safe option as it makes other drivers alert and when you are driving in fog you should definitely use horn if and when needed.

Don’t Drive At All if it is too Foggy

When the fog is dense and you don’t feel confident about driving through it, it is better not to drive at all and this is the ultimate safety guide that we can give.

So, now that you have learned the ways of keeping yourself safe while driving in a fog, we request you to start following these from now on.

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