Follow These Driving Lessons in Oakleigh to Stay Safein Hailstorms

Driving in a hailstorm can be very dangerous as it not only damages your vehicle but also causes injuries. So, even if you are a learner in Oakleigh, you need to know the ways of protecting yourself during a hailstorm.

So, here we are sharing a few tips as lessons that will help you to be safe during this weather condition.

Stay in your Car

This is a simple yet effective lesson that your driving instructor in Oakleigh will always give you.

If there is a hailstorm, stay in your car at all costs as it can injure you pretty badly. Also, hail damages the car but if you stay inside it, at least you will not be injured. So, whenever you are faced with a hailstorm, stop your car and wait until and unless the weather becomes clear.

Stop your Car

In a hailstorm, your visibility can diminish greatly. Also, in a severe storm, too much hail can make the roads slippery which can be dangerous. So, whenever faced with this situation you need to stop your car. If possible, find a safe spot to park your car to save it from the hail that can be quite damaging. Though you might not always find a safe spot, at least finding a cover for your car will be enough.

During the hailstorm do keep your headlights on to alert other drivers and try to avoid low lying areas where water accumulation is easy.

Find a Cover

We have already discussed this point above but we would like to discuss why finding a cover during a hailstorm is important.

Since hail is pretty heavy, it can break the window glass on the side and back of the car. But since the windshield is carefully crafted, it does not get damaged easily.

So, if you are enrolled in a reputed driving school in Oakleigh, the instructor there will guide you to drive safely in these situations and find a cover to safeguard the window glasses.

Protecting Yourself If There Is No Cover

If you cannot find a cover, and if the window glasses start breaking, do not panic. First, pull over to the side of the road and do not get out of the car immediately. If you are alone or with others, recline your seats. If there are children in the car, ask them to sit on the floor and cover their faces to protect themselves from the hail that might enter through the broken window glass.

Calling for Help

Though hailstorms do not last long, they can cause substantial damage to cars. So, if the damage is extensive and if you or your friends in the car are injured, call for help immediately.

If your car is only damaged, you need to call your insurance company immediately to make a claim. For proof, take some photos of your car and keep them with you. The insurance company will inspect your vehicle and will guide you through the process.

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