How to Check the Accuracy of the Speedometer of Your Car?

Buying a car, driving it and going on a long ride is what most people aim for. It is also important for vehicle owners to keep their assets in top condition. While most of them are successful in doing so, others fail to do it. The simple reason for those who fail to do so is that they hardly find the time. Even if they notice some minor issue, they just ignore it and wait till the situation gets out of hand. But you must not make any excuse to fix the minor car problem on time. You must also check the speedometer to find its accuracy. This is the common mistake that most vehicle owners make.

Most of the time when new drivers drive a car their eyes are mostly on the speedometer. They are very curious and just want to see how fast they can safely drive the car without breaking any traffic rules and signals. But whether the speedometer is accurate or not, how will they know is a big question? Even it becomes difficult for the experienced drivers to point out whether the speedometer is functioning properly or not. The right knowledge and information about the vehicle and its different parts are only provided in a reputed driving school in Carlton, so that the learners know what exactly they need to do if they face any kind of problem afterwards.

What Is Speedometer?

The speedometer is an important instrument that indicates the speed of your car. It is installed in every vehicle and is combined with a device that is known as an odometer. This device records how much distance you have travelled.

Reason for Failure of Speedometer

Every time the speedometer is telling the truth or not is a big question. A blown fuse or damaged wiring is one of the major causes of such an issue. Even a malfunctioning engine control unit might report an error. So the thing is how you can check the accuracy of your car speedometer.

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Ways in Which You Can Check the Accuracy of Your Vehicle Speedometer

If you are thinking that the accuracy of your car speedometer is not correct then you can easily check it by following the tips which are mentioned below.

  • You can use a stopwatch to do so. Take out the smart-phone from your pocket and open the stopwatch application. Start the watch after passing a mile marker while on the expressway. Stop the watch when you pass the next marker and compare your speedometer with the stopwatch. You will get the answer to your question.
  • Another way to find out about this issue is to hire a professional mechanic for inspection service. If there is any problem, then the car repair specialist will make you aware of it and fix it on time.


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