How to Keep a Safe Distance from Other Cars While Driving?

To avoid accidents and to stay safe while driving, you will always need to maintain a minimum distance from other cars that are before you as well as behind you. If you are a learner or are planning to learn driving in Carlton, your instructors will teach you the ways. Nevertheless, we will be discussing a few ways to keep a safe distance here in this blog as this is a part of defensive driving that is taught to every learner in the driving lessons.

So, let’s now take a look at them in detail.

  • Keeping Within the Speed Limit

Maintaining the speed limit is one of the most important things that you need to do if you wish to stay safe while driving. So, our driving instructors in Carlton suggest that you keep a track of the speed in the speedometer. In addition to this, if you are driving through a high traffic area, don’t go too fast because there might be pedestrians on the footpath. Additionally, if you are not driving too fast, you are maintaining the distance from the car in front of you by default.

However, since you are driving a bit slow, other cars might try to overtake you. So, pay attention to the road and give space to other drivers who are trying to overtake you.

  • Speed Control: This Requires Practice

Speed control is another essential thing that is being taught by the instructors in the driving lessons near Carlton because without this, you cannot maintain a safe distance. For instance, in a congested area, all the cars in your front and back will run at a slow pace. Therefore, to maintain the speed of your car in this scenario, you will need to control the speed of your car.

In a congested area, you will need to push the accelerator of your car as little as possible and at certain intervals to maintain the minimum distance.

  • Don’t Overtake if You are Not Confident

To maintain a safe distance, you might want to overtake another car in front of you that is running at a very low speed. Well, you can do that but you should have confidence.

Before you can overtake, you will need to first check if there is space in front of the car that is before you. Otherwise, even if you overtake the car, you can meet with an accident. So, the instructors in our driving school near Carlton suggest that you avoid overtaking if you are not confident enough.

  • Control Speed during Bad Weather

When the weather is bad, controlling your car might turn out to be difficult because of lower visibility. So, in this situation, you should always turn on your headlights to achieve higher visibility and maintain a safe distance.

  • Don’t Take Turns Quickly

Before taking a turn you should always slow down your car because there might be a car right there on the turn, and if you are not careful enough, you can crash into it.

So, turn on your indicators and prepare for the turn to avoid accidents.

Learn Driving Safely and Appear for the Test

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