How to Maintain the Windshield to Prevent Accidents

Whether you know or not, you should take good care of your windshield, as it is one of the essential components to ensure your safety during the ride. Your windshield keeps you within the car in an accident, and it supports your airbag too. Even, in case of a rollover accident, your windshield supports the roof and prevent it from collapsing on you. So, no doubt it deserves proper care. In this content, you will get to see how to take care of the windshield according to our driving instructors in Oakleigh

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Choose the Right Product for Your Windshield:

Since dirtier windshield can lead you to a car accident, it is important to clean regularly. However, experts recommend to use cleaning products that do not contain ammonia, which can dry out the vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather besides releasing the fumes, which are dangerous to inhale. Moreover, if you have tinted windows, you can’t use them. Some people use water to clean the windshield, considering it the safest option, it is not strong enough to get rid of bug guts. Hence, instructors from our driving school near Oakleigh suggest to wipe down the windshield once a week with a proper glass cleaner.

Try to Park Your Car in the Shade

The long exposure to direct sunlight can shorten the lifespan of your windshield. Hence, it is ideal for parking your car at the shaded place, where the windshield won’t get the heat of the sun. Did you know, the dramatic changes in the temperature can cause cracks or chips in your windshield? The changes in temperature can put pressure on the windshield. In the winter, when you will be heating your car, you should do it slowly. Hence instructors into driving lessons in Toorak suggest parking your car in the garage, which can protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures and random debris from falling on your windshield.

Repair the Rock Chips Immediately

Experts suggest to repair the rock chips immediately. If you are running down the road, a rock pops up and hits the windshield, and then you might find a star-shaped crack right in front of your windshield glass. It not only obstructs the vision but also causes you to get a ticket. If it is left untreated, it can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. For example, you won’t be able to move a piece of furniture with a sprained finger, in the same way, it would be difficult for you to hold the roof up in case of an accident, as the strength will be compromised by the crack.

Maintain Your Wiper Blades Too:

Replacing windshield wipers is necessary since it can cause a lot of scratches and debris get on your windshield due to wipers. Though you use them only on rains, without protection dirt and debris accumulated to the wiper blades and get stuck. So, when you activate the wipers, it may cause scratches to the windshield.

Experts suggest replacing windshield every 6 months to a year. You will noticeably find a change in your visibility. But, always wash your windshield and wiper blades to maintain it in optimal condition.