How to Use Your Car Indicators Properly To Stay Safe on the Road?

Using car indicators is very important while driving on the road as the lights will alert the drivers before you stop or take a turn. But to notify the drivers beforehand you will need to use the indicator lights properly.

If you are in Canterbury and are learning to drive, your instructor will teach you the correct ways of using the indicators. But today, we will be giving you a few tips on using the indicators properly that you can also follow.

1) Advance Signalling

You need to give the drivers of the other cars a bit of time to see your signal. So, whether you are turning, or making a stop, turn your indicators on a bit earlier. Try to keep the distance approximately 100 feet ahead between your car and the others. This way you and the drivers of the other cars can be safe.
Try to follow this rule always and especially when you are driving through a congested area.

2) Using Indicators before Using the Brake

This is an important lesson that the instructor of your driving school in Canterbury will always give you. You will need to use your turn indicators before pulling the brakes to let the driver behind you know that you are making a turn or wish to stop. Failure to do so can cause accidents as many drivers will want to overtake you from the wrong side.

If you use the indicator properly, the drivers behind you will slow down to give you plenty of room to stop. Also, using the turn signals will warn the drivers in your blind spot.

And finally, before making a turn, you should always make sure the road is clear.

3) Use the Indicators At all Times

Instructors providing the driving lessons in Canterbury always teach their students to be alert and use the indicator lights when required.

Initially, when you are starting out, you might miss turning the indicator on a few times which can be dangerous. So, to avoid this, you will need to be attentive at all times.

Before making a turn you will need to turn on your car indicators and you will need to plan the turn ahead. Even if the lane is at a distance of more than a hundred feet, it is always safe to turn on your indicators when you are starting out.

Turning the signals properly will not only help you to stay safe, but it will also help the cyclists and pedestrians.

4) Using the Hazard Lights

Turning the hazard lights on is important if your car breaks down or you are planning to stop your car at the side of the road. This will alert the other drivers that your car is present on that particular spot and will help them to maintain a safe distance.

So, whenever you are on the road, make sure you follow these tips to stay safe.

Happy driving!

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