Issues Faced By Learners and How Driving Instructors Solve Them

Learners face plenty of problems in the driving session and this is completely natural. But instructors are the ones who face the challenge because certain issues are difficult to understand and solve. Nevertheless, expert instructors do the needful and help their students to drive confidently on the road.

So, if you are planning to take up driving sessions in Docklands or Carnegie, take a look at some problems that you might face and how your teachers will solve them.

  • Difficulties in Controlling the Speed of Your Car

This is a very common problem that most learners face. This happens mainly due to nervousness. So, the experienced driving instructors in Docklands ask the learners to drive very slowly at first since it makes controlling the car easier.

If you are learning in a manual car, the instructors will ask you to drive in the 1st gear. But if it’s an automatic car, you will have to push the accelerator mildly to drive at a reduced speed.

Practicing driving in this way will help you to achieve better speed control and you can cruise through heavy traffic areas easily.

  • Difficulties with Braking

Similar to that of speed control, learners face braking problems as well.

In manual cars, either they pull the brakes too hard, or without pulling the clutch which leads to a jolt. But since there isn’t a clutch system in automatic cars, learners face the same jolt since they pull the brakes hard.

To solve this problem, the driving instructors demonstrate to them the correct way to pull brakes in the subsequent learning sessions. With that, they also provide lots of real-world examples that help the students to apply the brakes correctly.

  • Managing Blind Spots

For beginners, managing blind spots can really be difficult. So, the instructors at the driving school in Carnegie ask the students to turn their heads briefly to check if there are any cars on either side of the vehicle. Besides, they also ask students to constantly check their mirrors to keep track of speeding vehicles that are either on the left or the right.

So, as a learner, if you face this problem, you don’t need to worry. Following these methods and practicing regularly will help you to overcome this in no time.

  • Forgetting to Turn On the Indicators

This is not a problem at all and is mainly caused by a lack of attention on the road. However, not turning the indicators on before taking a turn can prove to be fatal since it is the only way of alerting other drivers about your move.

To solve this, the instructors ask their students to always stay cautious on the road and make this a habit. Besides, as a learner, it is your responsibility to stay safe and keep others safe as well. So, you should be attentive when you are behind the wheels.

  • Forgetting the Dippers

Similar to that of the indicators, forgetting the dipper can lead to accidents.

Dipper is used to indicate the vehicle coming from the opposite to give you space so that you can pass first. So, in the driving lessons in Docklands and Carnegie, the instructor demonstrates how and when to properly use the dipper. Also, they supervise you and alert you if you have missed a dipper.

That way, you will most likely improve your driving skills.

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