Know How to Maintain Your Windshield Like a Pro

It’s essential to take good care of windshields since they are the essential components to ensure the safety of your car. But it lasts long only when we take care of them. Your windshield keeps you in the car when you come across an accident, and it supports your car’s airbags. In case of a rollover accident, your windshield supports the roof, so that it won’t collapse on you.

Don’t You Think It Deserves a Little TLC?

don’t you think it deserves a little tlc

 Choose the Right Product to Use On Your Windshield: What did you pick for cleaning your windshield? Or when does the last time you cleaned it?

Well, for your next attempt, avoid the products containing ammonia. Did you know ammonia can dry out the plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather material? It is also responsible for releasing the fumes that are dangerous for you to inhale. Also, tinted windows can’t bear the ammonia-based cleaners on them.

So, while buying the cleaning products, read the labels carefully and make sure it is ammonia-free. Some people prefer to use water only to clean the windshield, but it’s not strong enough to remove the bug guts. It’s also a good practice to wipe the windshield with a cotton towel.

 Park the Car In the Shade: The long-term exposure to direct sunlight can shorten the lifespan of the windshield. So, it’s a good practice suggested by instructors our from our affordable driving school in Melbourne. Whether you know or not, the dramatic temperature change can cause the cracks and chips on your windshield and cause it to expand. In addition to this, the temperature changes can put a lot of pressure on the already compromised part of your windshield.

With the same concept, when you are cooling off your car in summer or heating up your car during winters, do any of them slowly. If you have a garage at home, cleaning it periodically is a good practice. And, parking vehicles inside the garage can eliminate the effect of extreme temperature and prevent the random debris from falling over the windshield.

 Repair the Rock Chip Effect Immediately: While driving down the road, rocks may pop up and can hit your windshield. It can give your windshield a star-shaped crack right in front of you. However, our experts offering best driving lessons in Melbourne suggest to repair it as soon as possible, as it would not only compromise your vision but also can get you the ticket.

Longer the chips will be left unrepaired, more likely it will take you to the entire replacement of the windshield.

 Stop Slamming the Car Door Too Hard: Whether your angry or running late to your destination, being a fraction of seconds ahead just by slamming the door can cause you to regret later. Our experts for cheap driving schoolsayevery time you slam the door, the pressure is spread to windshield via vibrations. So, next time you see someone doing this to your car, give them a brief lesson to close the door properly, without throwing the entire body behind the door.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain the wiper blades, as they can also cause a lot of scratches and debris on your windshield. While driving, dirt and small rocks pop up at the windshield and fall down right on the wiper blades, and if you keep on rubbing them against the windshield, it will do more harm.