Know How to Shift Gear of Your Vehicle Like a Pro

Have you ever tried driving up a steep hill or elevated region? It’s quite impossible unless you use the right gear to get the climbing force. As soon as you start driving through the plain, it becomes the different story like the way we drive normally.

When you flick to a different gear, you can go incredibly fast. It will feel like magic that how fast you can turn around your wheels. Even, gears are not only useful for bikes and cycles, but they are also helpful to generate speed and power in an engine and transfer that to a different direction.

So, what does the gear do? Gears help to transmit the power from one part of the machine to another. Besides, gears allow a car to be driven without putting much strain on the engine. In modern cars, there are 5 forward and one reverse gear. Even, some cars now have 6th forward gear that ensures a greater fuel economy while driving at a higher speed for a longer distance.

How to Change Gear in a Car?

According to instructors from our driving school in Melbourne, you have to keep looking for roads while changing gear. And here is the guide to do that-

Release the accelerator pedal and press the clutch pedal at the same time.

Hold the gear knob with the left hand. You have to move the lever gently from one side to another.

Use your left hand to handle the steering wheel too

Release the clutch pedal slowly while applying the pressure gradually by pressing down the accelerator pedal.

The sound of an engine can tell you when to change the gear. The more you accelerate, the more your engine will sound whiny on a higher pitch. This happens when the engine reaches its limit for the gear you’re in.

A few things to remember-

The low gear provides a lot of acceleration but lacks the steam to maintain the speed.

On the other hand, the high gear provides the speed but not the acceleration.

However, for a smooth ride, experts from driving school near Melbourne suggest avoiding “snatching” or changing the gear with a lot of force. To ensure a smooth gear changing, let the gearshift pause for a second as soon as it crosses the neutral zone.

About to take a test? A few things that examiner will expect-

Choose the right gear to speed up that you need for travelling and the road conditions you may come across.

Change the gear smoothly, safely and under control as learnt in our driving school in Melbourne.

Handle the steering wheel as well once you are done with changing the gear.

Don’t look at the gear lever when changing it.

Want to save fuel while gearing up? Well, you don’t have to use the gears in exact sequence. You can miss a gear, whenever required. It is called block changing. For say, you’re driving at 60mph, where you have to break and slow down the car to 20mph. You don’t need to go down through each gear one by one, but you could go from 5th to 3rd or even to 2nd directly. It will reduce not only the use of fuel but also the wear on the clutch.

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