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Learners Driving Test Training Melbourne | Beginners’ Preparation

At the Academy of driving excellence, our instructors make sure that when you sit your driving test, you do so with complete confidence and with the skills that makes you the safest driver on the road with the lowest risk.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we provide a range of driving courses to help the learner drivers to stay safe on the road. We do however enforce through our teaching to make understand the importance of safe driving and to comprehend the importance of developing the necessary driving experience and skills. These are important for learners, when they will become solo drivers, and they will be at less risk of harming themselves or others.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, our professional and friendly driving instructors help new drivers of all ages to perform safe and efficient driving tasks. At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we teach the learners drivers how to be aware of other road users and road conditions at all times while driving and how to communicate with other road users by using the vehicle indicator.

Our professional and friendly instructors make sure that the learner drivers know how to minimise crash risks and how to monitor traffic and road conditions, and to know when to adjust the speed accordingly,

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we help the new learners drivers to have more experience and skills in controlling the car as well as identifying and responding to risks in a different driving situation. It helps the new drivers in making many decisions, when to slow down or accelerate, and which speed is best for certain conditions, when to change lanes, or when to overtake.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we will make sure that the new drivers develop their skills through practicing in different and safe situations.

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Steps for the Driving Test
Practical tests are designed to identify drivers with safe skills that develop with experience. You are more likely to pass the learners driving test in Melbourne, if you had more than 120 hours of experience in a range of conditions (at night, in wet weather, in different speed zones). Our instructors will do a practice test to ensure you are confident and ready for the real test.

Hazard perception test is a test you can take when you are 17 years and 11 months. You have to pass the Hazard Perception before you sit for the driving test. The Hazard Perception Test is considered as a mandatory approach on our part that let the learners know the techniques of anticipating risks while on the road.

Prepare for the driving test, at the Academy of driving excellence. We make it easier for you to pass your driving test by taking lessons from our qualified instructors. You will get advice on safe driving skills in less demanding situation and they will make sure you have full control of the vehicle, obey road rules, co-operate with other road users in all range of traffic situation.

At the Academy of driving excellence, our friendly and patient instructors will guide you through what is needed for you to succeed to pass your driving test. Moreover, they will assess any potential mistakes you make along the way and maximise your chances of success, help you to become a confident driver. Therefore, you should take the driving test with a positive approach.

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