The Must-Have Skills of a Driving Instructor You Should Always Verify Before Hiring

When it comes to enrolling in a driving school in your locality, you must put emphasis on two things – the quality and competence of its driving instructors, and the driving lessons it offers. Well, there are factors to look for as well, but these two are the primary issues to look for. So what are the qualities that you need to look for in a driving instructor? Assuming that the instructor is a licensed and accredited one, let us look at the personality traits and qualities you need to look for.

Their Tolerance Level Has to Be High

Patience is the key quality of a successful driving instructor. No trainee is the same when it comes to taking driving lessons. Some grasp the instructions quickly, while others take time to understand the instructions. Thus, a driving instructor, offering imparting lessons, must have the required patients of instructing trainees of different IQ levels. They must be patient enough to offer lessons at a pace that the trainees are comfortable with. This is to ensure that the trainees are at ease with the lessons they are taking and feel comfortable and confident at the end of the day.

Active Listening and Responding Skills Are a Must

While taking lessons, the trainees may ask a barrage of questions – some elementary and some crucial. It is the responsibility of a driving instructor in St Kilda to have (yet again) the patience and active listening skill to take those questions and reply to them. Plus, they must have the ability to explain their points in a crisp and clear way, so much so that the trainees do not have any difficulty in understanding.

The Need to Have the Ability to Instill Confidence in the Trainees

Training the would-be owners of a driving license is not only about imparting driving lessons and technicalities. It is also about instilling confidence in the trainees. Driving is a tricky business. Naturally, when the trainees ought to get nervous and suffer from terrible lack of confidence while at the wheels. They also have butterflies in their stomach on the day of the test. Thus, it is the responsibility of these instructors to instill a sense of confidence in the trainees by citing examples of previous trainees and sharing their own experiences, while sharing driving tips. The instructors have to have that knack and a sense of urgency to succeed in the profession.

They Need to Build Rapport and Relation With the Trainees

They need to have the ability to build that rapport and relation with the trainees. They need to strike a friendly relation and help the trainees to feel at ease in their company. This will help in building up that invaluable friendly, mentor-disciple relationship, which will help the trainees a lot in grasping the lessons and applying them in real life, more so during the test.

They Must Have a High Level of Adaptability

Last but not the least, the driving instructors have to have that power of adaptability. They must respond to the convenience of the trainees with flexibility as that will help the trainees to take the lesson at a convenient time.

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