Night Driving-The Essential Requisites to Be Safe Behind the Wheels

Night driving is not just difficult; it’s actually risky. According to the latest studies, the rate of fatal accidents is usually three times higher at night compared to daytime driving and the reasons behind this are many. Drunken drivers increased driver fatigue and distracted driving mostly contribute to the growing rate of on-road fatal.

Driving at night with poor light conditions can scare even an experienced driver and worse it can be if you have recently completed an intensive driving course in Melbourne or suffer from night blindness. Moreover, there’s no denying that visibility reduces at night which makes it even more difficult to identify road hazards that may lie ahead.

So if you are planning to go out on a night trip with your besties, follow these DO’s and DONT’s of night driving to be safe behind the wheels.

Clean Windshield & Headlights

If your car’s windshield is dirty, it can distract your vision while driving at night. A grimy windshield can impair your visibility to identify potholes or other on-road hazards and lead to dangerous collisions. So if you are planning to go out on a road trip late at night, don’t forget to clean your windshield.

It is also important to take due care of your headlights too and give them a thorough cleanup before hitting the road. The brightness of your headlights can be compromised if they are coated with dirt, snow or grime. So make sure they are as clean as possible.

Combat Fatigue and Stress

Feeling drowsy during night drive is another likely reason behind life-threatening crashes. So be aware of the critical hours as there may be sleepy drivers on the road. Instructors of the best driving school in Melbourne always recommend having a proper sleep a day before your night out to avoid feeling drowsy behind the wheels. Have some caffeine or take breaks while driving. It will help you combat fatigue and boost your energy levels. Stress is another major culprit that can distract your mind and make you vulnerable to crashes. So be alert and mindful while driving at night to keep these hazards at bay.

Keep Safe Distance From Cars

Driving requires constant focus and attention and if you have recently passed from a reputed Melbourne driving school, you must know how important it is to maintain distance from cars ahead and around you. Night driving brings along a lot of challenges and to ensure safety at it’s best, it’s utmost essential to maintain a gap from cars ahead. Allow heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses to pass and don’t forget to use your indicator lights while making turns.

Have Control on Speed

Latest researches have revealed that most road fatalities account due to over speeding at night. While daytime driving clearly helps you in analysing road conditions, night driving requires keeping speed limits in check. Adjust your speed in accordance with road conditions and have control over your car while driving in highway.

Keeping these safety pointers in mind can help you enjoy a stressful night time journey behind the wheels. At Academy Of Driving Excellence, we offer an intensive driving course in Melbourne that can hone your driving skills and make you a responsible driver within a few months. Get in touch with us and brush up your driving skills at an affordable package.