Precautions You Need to Take Before Starting Your Car

Before you start your car, you will need to check a few things to stay safe on the road. Here, we will emphasise those things that are suggested by our expert instructors and if you are planning to learn driving in Melbourne, this blog will immensely help you.

So, let’s not waste time here. Rather focus on what you need to check as a learner or a beginner driver.

1) Adjusting the Seat

To drive comfortably and safely, it is best to adjust your seat if it is not adjusted. So, our instructor from the driving school in Melbourne suggests that before starting your car, adjust the seat and keep doing it until and unless you feel totally comfortable. Finally, when you are done, you can start your car.

2) Checking the Doors

The doors of your car should be properly closed. Otherwise, you can meet with an accident during driving since it can open on its own at any time. So, check the door locks carefully before you start the car.

3) Adjusting the Mirror

You will frequently need to check the mirrors of your car to keep a track of the cars and objects on the back of your car and the other sides. However, if the mirrors are not properly adjusted and you are unable to notice everything you will need to adjust them as per your needs. Otherwise, if you can’t determine the cars coming from your back or the side, you might collide with it.

4) Checking Your Sides Before Starting the Car

In all the driving classes in Melbourne, our instructors teach the ways of starting the car, and the most important one is to check the sides before you start the car because if you don’t watch the sides, you might collide with another car that is coming from the back.

5) Checking and Fastening the Seatbelts

After entering your car, you will need to fasten the seat belt and it is something that you should always do. However, before fastening the seat belt, you should check if it is properly attached to the car. Also, after fastening the seat belt, you will need to check if you have locked it properly as this will ensure your safety.

6) Checking the Handbrake and Gear

Next, in the learners driving lessons, our instructors suggest that you check the handbrake and gear.

If you are driving a manual car, make sure that the gear is set to neutral. Otherwise, you will feel a jolt if its set in 1st or 2nd gear. Secondly, before starting the car, make sure that you have deactivated the handbrake.

7) Check Your Fuel Level

Before starting your car you will need to check the fuel level and if it is low, you better head to the nearest fuel station or refuel it on the spot. Else, after a while, your car might stop in the middle of the road and you will have to face tremendous problems before you can get it back to the normal state.

So, if you take these precautions, you can expect that you will always be safe on the road.

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