Prime Causes Why Teenagers Get Into Accidents?

Fatal car accidents, unfortunately, stands as one of the major causes of deaths among teens Down-Under. The outcome of such terrible crashes can be devastating for their family members, especially if the injuries are severe and life-threatening.

“Academy Of Driving Excellence”- your reliable driving school in Carlton, puts it clearly;-

Most teen drivers, particularly between ages 16-19, are most at risk than any other for such accidents. This is more predominant amongst teens during the first couple of months after procuring your legit driving license or “special rite of passage” as some prefer to call it.

And here’s putting down some of those major reasons why such accidents take place.

“Texting, Eating & Talking While Driving.”

The foremost reason why teens get into so many fatal accidents is distraction. This means no texting, eating, drinking, adjusting the stereo, navigation system or even speaking to the passengers be it next to them or sitting at the back.

“Speeding, When They Don’t Have To.”

Most teens have a habit of over-speeding unnecessarily, particularly when they come across an open freeway. Little do they realise the risks involved- more so when the conditions are incongenial for speeding.

A report from 2015, from the ATSB- Australian Transport Safety Bureau, around 29% of all fatal accidents involving teens resulted due to overspeeding.

To give students a clear picture of how to tackle potentially dangerous conditions- be it in rain or snow; we have quality courses that are tailored to each driver thus allowing them to know about safe driving basics at their own pace.

“Driving When You’re Drowsy Or Deprived Of Sleep.”

Similar to falling asleep behind the wheel, driving while feeling drowsy or sleep deprived is another big reason why teens get into such fatal accidents.

If you do feel sleepy, then the best thing to do is to get a good amount of rest and then take the wheels. The most important thing when driving is staying alert and keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Even the slightest lapse of judgement or unsighted-ness can lead to an accident you may not get a chance to recover from.

“Drinking & Driving.”

Driving under the influence of alcohol can turn ugly for even the most experienced of drivers, let along teens. But the exuberance of youth (along with over self-esteem) induces them to do such risky activities and still take the wheels.

This should never be the case. But if it is, then either take a cab home or ask a friend who is not fine to drive you back home. Never drive yourself. It’s a risk that’s too big to take!

In our in-depth driving courses in Camberwell; we inculates this lesson in every one of our young learners.

“Not Wearing Seat-Belts.”

Seat belts have proven to reduce the risks of dangerous accidents or severe car crashes. Putting the seat belts on help reduce the impact on the driver and many times can be the difference in dying or getting away with severe injuries.

Our comprehensive and safe driving lessons in Carlton incorporate all these lessons and to make young drivers learn the basics of responsible driving.

With theoretical knowledge; we also conduct real-time driving tests to help them drive in different road conditions, thus making them sound drivers for the long run.

Final Say:-

If you are one worried parent wanting to keep your son/daughter safe while driving, call us @ 0425 749 703 and speak to our driving instructor in Malvern. They will be very happy to answer all your queries.