Problems You Can Face While Learning Driving and How to Solve Them

Though driving is not difficult, as a beginner you might face certain problems after you start the lessons. Today, we will be specifically looking at some of these problems and the way how you can solve them. However, some of the problems require expert intervention. That is, you will need to talk to your driving instructors in Melbourne who will help you to solve the problem(s).

So, now let’s dive into the topic.

1) The seat is Not Properly Adjusted

Before you can start driving the car, you might have to adjust the seat so that you can conveniently hold the steering wheel and drive. But if you thought the driver’s seat cannot be adjusted, you are wrong.

There is a button or a knob that you have to rotate and push or pull the seat backwards or forwards to adjust it as per your convenience. But if you can’t find it, talk to your driving instructor and he or she will help you out.

2) Mirrors are Not Properly Adjusted

Instructors providing driving lessons in Melbournedriving lessons packages in Melbourne always suggest that you look at the mirrors while driving to keep a track of the cars at your behind or on the sides. But, while driving if you notice that they aren’t giving you the best views, you just need to adjust it.

To tilt them up or down, or right or left, you just need to hold the rearview mirror and apply pressure to the direction where you want the mirror to be tilted, and that’s just it.

3) Feeling Nervous before Driving

This is a very common problem and it goes away the more you drive and gain confidence. However, if you feel that you need mental support, talking to your driving instructors is the best thing you can do. Other than this, before you start taking the lessons, you should be well-rested and properly hydrated.

4) Driving in the Reverse Gear

In most of the driving lessons packages in Melbourne, driving in the reverse gear is being taught and you will learn it as well. But for the first few days, you might face problems related to properly positioning your car when you are driving in reverse gear and wish to make a stop.
To solve this problem you will just need to practice it in a lane with less traffic. Also, while doing so, drive slowly and focus on the rearview mirror to see what behind.

After just a few days you will get an idea of how to position your car properly even when there is traffic.

5) Changing Gears While Driving a Manual Car

This is another problem that you as a beginner can face if you are driving a manual car. But to solve this problem you will need the assistance of your instructor while taking the learners driving lessons.

Anyway, one solution is that before you start the car; practice the gear shifts while holding the clutch. You should do this every time for a few days and you can drive the confusion away regarding the changing of the gears.

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