Road Safety Tips You Should Follow as a Beginner in Driving

As a beginner, you need to follow a few rules that will ensure safety on the road. If you are based in Melbourne and are learning to drive from a known institution, your trainer will provide the necessary guidance. However, it is still important to discuss these guidelines here for the benefit of the learners. So, let us dive into the tips straight away.

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Wearing the Seat Belt is Always Important

When it comes to road safety, there cannot be any other alternative to wearing the seat belt. Even if you are taking a short trip, you need to fasten your seat belt because dangers might appear anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, recent data suggest that wearing the seat belt reduces the possibility of an accident manifold. And due to these reasons, a professional driving school in Melbourne will always emphasize wearing the seat belt at all times.

Since seat belts channelize the force from a crash to the stronger parts of the body, the chance of dying from the crash is drastically reduced.

Avoid the Phones while Driving

This is the second important safety tip that you need to follow as a beginner in driving. Clearly, phones are a distraction and they increase the possibilities of an accident greatly. So, it is always best to avoid the usage of these devices while driving. However, to take an emergency call or to reply to an important text, it is recommended that you park your car at a safe place first.

Do Not Exceed the Speed Limit

Exceeding the speed limit is always dangerous for beginners and even for experienced drivers. For this reason, whenever you are taking automatic or manual driving lessons in Melbourne, your instructor will always show the speed limit that you need to maintain at all times.

Today, the cause of the majority of the accidents is speeding. Driving fast can be pretty exciting but it is always best to avoid this excitement as you can easily lose control of your car that can lead to a crash. And if you keep within the speed limit, it will also help the other drivers to drive safely.

As a beginner, you also need to be aware of the fact that exceeding the speed limit can also attract fines that can hurt your premiums.

Keeping Track of the Blind Spots

Checking the blind spots is crucial to avert accidents. For this, you must always look at the side and the rear-view mirrors.

You should always check for blind spots before you turning your car, parking the car, or when driving alongside other cars in a traffic-congested area.

Drinking and Driving is Always a Big ‘No’

Driving after drinking should always be avoided. You have to understand that your safety is in your hands. Even a small amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive and as you already know, a large percentage of accidents happen due to the effect of alcohol. So, as a beginner, avoid drinking and driving at all costs.

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