Safe Driving Conduct Which Helps Save Fuel on the Highway- Our Instructors’ Take!

No matter where you reside or the kind of car you own- there is always scope to squeeze in those extra few mileages from each fuel tank you fill-up. And, saving those 1-2 litres of fuel that can make a whole lot of difference!

It is what our driving instructor(s) serving Glen Iris believes and educates every learner who enrols for our detailed courses.

Also, the tips which we will cover below hold much greater importance than merely helping you save money on fuel. You know very well how CO2 emissions from vehicles considerably increase the global temperature and adversely influence different places around the sphere causing irreversible effects.

By following our safe driving conducts’; you can reduce the CO2 emission in the environment.

Here’s Pointing out those ‘Safe Driving Conduct’ to Help You Achieve the Maximum out Of Our Fuel Tank.

“Reduce Your Driving Speed.”

Each of our safe driving lessons conducted in Glen Iris educates learners on the importance of driving at a reduced rate of acceleration. We believe that it is one of the easiest ways of reducing your fuel consumption.

When you drive at a good speed, your car tends to burn more fuel. Take For Example- if you drive @ 90km/h, it can almost double your fuel consumption in comparison to driving @ 45km/h.

Also, when you drive at inconsistent speed (like too fast or too slow) that too can lead to excessive fuel consumption!

Our instructors regularly educate learners to drive at a speed range of 45km/h to 75km/h. This range is considered to produce the lowest fuel consumption. But it also gives that extra time to react to pot-holes, crossing animals and other potential road hazards.

“Making Changes Your Driving Approach.”

Aggressively driving or abruptly hitting the brakes will lead to 20% of more fuel consumption. Not to forget, rash driving also puts you at risk of getting into a collision or road accident.

Each of our driving courses emphasises on the importance of defensive driving among which also includes avoiding sudden brakes, expecting sudden stops, switching off the car whenever you are at a stationary position, and more.

So look to adopt these changes to your driving approach. It will allow smoother, safer and more fuel-efficient driving.

“Repeatedly, Driving At the Highest Possible Gear.”

Every car is designed to start running at the lowest possible gear. It is probably from where it gets the most acceleration power.

But many drivers (especially those who are young) aren’t aware of this. Having the keys to their vehicle and the freedom to go anywhere, they jump-start the engine and drive off in the highest possible gear. And that increases the fuel economy!

What we suggest is driving at low gears to improve your fuel efficiency and only use the highest gears when necessary.

However, avoid staying at lower gears for too long, as well!

“Make Apt Use of Cruise Control.”

We recommend using cruise control to maintain a steady speed when driving downhill or on flat terrains. This helps in saving fuel. Contrarily; avoid using cruise control whenever driving uphill as that will cause your car to accelerate more, thus increasing its fuel consumption.

“Selectively Make Use of Your Car’s AC.”

Excessively using your car AC can prove to be an added burden on your vehicle’s engine and increase its fuel consumption. Truth be told if you selectively use your car’s AC; you save approximately 4% of fuel. So be it winters or when the conditions are not so hot, refrain from using the AC. Pull the windows down, instead!

As your trusted driving school in Glen Iris; we believe these driving tips will help you save fuel on the highway. If you want to speak to our instructors on more such information or wish to join for a course training to perfect your skills, CALL US whenever you want.