So…What Is A Safe Trailing Distance When Driving?

“Your stopping distance is a sum of your reacting time, and the distance maintained when hitting the brakes.

Hence learning what exactly is a safe trailing distance when driving can keep you safe behind the steering wheels.”

Following a safe trailing distance stands as one of the easiest, and perhaps one of the most neglected rules of defensive driving. Even if you strictly follow all key defensive driving techniques; you are far from mastering the skill until you get a proper grasp of the right driving distance.

By keeping proper space from the vehicle ahead; you get time to adjust and evade a potential collision, even when you’re moving at high speed.

Digging Deeper Into A “Safe Following Distance”:-

Our driving school instructor serving St. Kilda recommends following a 3-Second Following Distance (at least) to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

This rule applies to dry roads and you accelerating at any given speed.

If it’s raining and the roads are slippery; you should add 1-2 extra seconds to this rule- just to stay safe!

And, importantly when you are driving in low-light conditions or during the night, give yourself some 2-3 extra seconds and drive at reduced speed to counter sudden flash of high beams or approaching vehicles, when making sharp turns or even to avoid colliding into animals.

As per the ARSF- Australian Road Safety Foundation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Australia; a 3-5 second following distance between vehicles is more than enough for any driver to perceive a possible roadside threat and avert it.

Young drivers can determine this by picking any landmark on the side of the road, much like a tree, lamppost, traffic sign. As as the vehicle passes the mark; you can start counting till three.

If you find the vehicle passing the chosen point at the same time you finish your count, then you are following the stated rule.
Contrarily- if that vehicle passes your chosen landmark before you finish you count three, then you are too close!

What Else To Keep In Mind?

Our defensive driving lessons in Burwood East enlighten students to use their common sense more than anything else. City driving can be stressful, particularly during those rush hours. So driving defensively and at a controlled rate of acceleration will keep you safe. However, there are some adjustments that you need to keep in mind when driving.

Always respect the right of way to other drivers. Don’t block their paths or impede their passage in any way.

Never exceed the speed limit. If the limit reads 50mph and you are accelerating at 60mph- it may save you 20 minutes, but it can increase your chance of a collision. It also hampers your 3-second rule since you are moving faster while the vehicle ahead is moving slowly.

Always pay attention to the road you are driving. If it seems in-congenial or accident-prone, then adjust you trailing distance and acceleration.

Know all about your blind spots and also watch for approaching traffic from the sides. Never look to tailgate. It is always a big risk.

Final Words:

Defensive driving may seem dull and boring. But since safety is a pivotal consideration for a busy or dangerous road, relying on it may help you drive smoothly and unscathed.

So, if you are not sure about your driving skills and want to improve it, then “Academy Of Driving Excellence”- your premier driving school in Carlton or other Melbourne suburbs provides comprehensive lessons suited for you.

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