Some Tips for Focused Driving by a Professional Driving Instructor

When you take driving lessons, you need to make the most of it. In other words, you need to pay maximum attention to what the instructor has to say during the training session. Now the question is, how to retain the concentration for the entire training sessions? There are tips in regards to that from the driving instructors as well. Let us discuss them for your perusal.

Say a Strict No-no to the Phone

Yes! This is the first and foremost condition of retaining your concentration. You need to commit to phone-free driving. We would not tell you to switch your phone off, but will surely recommend putting it on mute. Do not attend any call during the training, unless and until it is an extreme emergency.

You Need to Have a Clear Idea of the Route From the Instructor

The instructor of your driving school in Caulfield or elsewhere knows very well the routes to be used while conducting the training. Hence, you do not have to think about it and lose concentration. Getting preoccupied with the thoughts of the routes will stop you from focusing on the lessons. If needed, get a clear idea beforehand about routes that will be taken. If needed, have the entire route mapped. This will help you to put focus on the lessons solely.

Follow the Pre-driving Cockpit Rituals

Yes, this is very important if you do not want to get intimidated by minor issues like unadjusted seats and the looking glasses, too tight seat belt, and the likes. These things will thwart your efforts to concentrate. Hence, your driving instructor in Caulfield will advise you to adjust the mirrors, the seat and the seatbelt, check the air pressure of the tyres and the likes. Yes, your instructor is expected to do all these on the first day. However, subsequently, you will be asked to do all these. Remember, it is very much a part of your driving lessons.

Have a Modest Meal Before Taking the Lessons

Well, this may raise your eyebrows, but this actually works. When you have a satisfied stomach, it will help you to have a satisfactory metabolism, which will help you to be at peace of mind. This will help you to concentrate. However, do not overeat as this will cause indigestion and stop you from concentrating. Being on an empty stomach is a mistake as well.

Be Hydrated

No matter whether it’s summer or winter, you need to be properly hydrated. Your mentors will always tell you to have plenty of water while you take driving lessons in Caulfield or anywhere else. Remaining hydrated will calm down your nerves and will help you to concentrate on the lessons.

Dress Up in Loose Garments

Last but not the least, you need to abstain from putting on tight-fitting dresses. Your objective is not to remain at ease as you can be, as it will help you not to shift your focus to any other issue. Thus, put on loose-fitting dresses as it will help you to be comfortable and pay attention to the studies.

So you see, just stick to the basics and let our mentors help you out with the lessons to help you crack the driving test at one go. Call us at Academy Of Driving Excellence on 0425749703 for further details.