Things That You Can Learn Only in a Driving School in Oakleigh

Most of the driving schools only teach the basics of driving to their students. Though there are courses for the intermediate and advanced ones that provide more comprehensive tutorials, some of the things are still left unattended and here we will be discussing those things.

Anti-Lock Braking System – How it Works?

If you are taking driving lessons in Oakleigh from a reputed training centre, you will come to know what an n anti-lock braking system (ABS) is.

The ABS is actually a safety mechanism to prevent locking of the wheels during heavy braking to prevent an uncontrolled skid during the drive. This system also features the ability to steer around an obstruction on the road while pushing the brakes to avoid a direct collision.

This system helps to maintain the traction of the tyres when driving on wet or slippery roads. Moreover, with the ABS system, it is possible to safeguard heavy vehicles from being blown over by high winds while driving.

Using Indicators and Other Signals

You will need to use signals to communicate with other drivers on the road. To do this you will need to follow the visible and audible signals. However, that which is not included in any of the driving lessons packages is the timing of the signal.

Driving experts recommend that you need to use your car’s indicator, for instance at least three to five seconds before you make the right or the left turn. In this way, other drivers will be able to know in which direction you are headed and they will slow down to give you the necessary space for the action.

There are some facts that you need to know regarding the signals too. You cannot expect that all times other drivers will make way for you. For example, if you blow the horn to alert the vehicle in front of you before making a lane change, chances are the driver will not make way for you because he or she needs to find the appropriate position too for giving you the required space.

Being Careful with the High Beams

Accidents in the night are more prevalent than that of the day and the reason behind this is high the usage of high beams. At night the visibility naturally decreases due to lack of light and hence headlights are used. And on the roads where there are no lights at all, you need to use the high beams. However, this high-intensity light can be almost blinding to the drivers coming from the opposite direction which causes accidents. So, a renowned driving school in Oakleigh will always direct you to avoid using high beams on the roads where there is moderate or high traffic.

If you have rear fog lights, you can use them only when there is fog and you are facing difficulties in driving your car.

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