Things You Get to Learn in the Driving Lessons in Burwood East

Since you have reached the age when you can legally drive a car, you need to get yourself enrolled in a driving school to learn driving and appear in the test for the licence. However, you might have this question on what you will be taught in the driving classes. If this is your specific question, we will give you the answer here. But before we begin, we need to tell you that if you are based in Burwood East, you can easily find a driving school that will teach you how to drive in a couple of days.

The Basics

In the first couple of classes, your instructor will sit by your side to control the car using the pedals. He or she will teach you how to start the car when to push the accelerator and brake, the operation of the clutch, steering, etc. with a brief overview of the surroundings. In one or two days you will get the idea of the gears and indicators along with the rearview and side mirrors.

On the first day or two, you will learn to drive the car in the forward direction but your instructor will be controlling the change the gears for you.

Driving on the Road

After a couple of days when you have learned how to steer your car on the front, sides, and on the reverse, your instructor from the driving school near Burwoodwill teach you the way of changing the gear.

When you are driving on the road, shifting the gears is important to reach your destination faster as well as to maintain a safe distance from other cars.
Next, you will learn to break your speed near speed breakers and to use your horn efficiently (especially while taking turns).

Controlling Vehicle Speed

When you have developed a basic understanding of the gears, your instructor will ask you to increase and decrease speed with the help of the accelerator as well as the gear. This is very important because you need to avoid hard acceleration and braking to prevent accidents and reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, avoiding this helps to keep the car parts in good condition.

Parking the Car

Only learning to drive will not do, you need to park your car properly too which you will learn in the driving lessons in Burwood East. Your instructor will ask you to park at certain spots while driving. You will need to maintain the proper angle when parking so that the driver of the car in front of you as well as behind you does not face problems when they wish to hit the road again.

Mock Test for Licence

After you get hold of all the lessons, you have to appear for the licence test. Before the actual test, you will go through several mock tests designed by your instructor to achieve the proficiency needed to pass the test. After each test, the instructor will give you marks that will help you to assess your skills.

Don’t Know How to Drive? Let Us make it Easy for You

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