Vehicle Braking Tips from Your Friendly Driving School in Carlton

Braking properly is something that you need to do to stop the car. However, as a beginner, you need to be extremely careful when doing so to avoid skids or other types of accidents.

Whenever you are driving through congested areas, you need to slow down periodically, a skill that you can develop only with practice. And at the same time, whenever you are driving on a highway you will need to be easy with the brakes as well as the accelerator to avoid accidents.

Mastering the brakes requires time and expert guidance. For this reason, if you are in Carlton, you will need to find out a good school where driving lessons are being provided by professionals.

With practice and comprehensive driving lessons in Carlton, you will be able to smoothly stop your car by applying the right pressure on the brake pedals. In the starting, however, when you do not have the necessary experience, braking might be rough. But with time, you will be able to acquire the skills. Additionally, we will discuss a few tips provided by reputed driving instructors in Carlton to improve your braking.

Using ABS Efficiently

ABS stands for the Anti-Lock Braking system that is a safe method of braking that allows you to drive the car even while keeping your foot on the braking pedal.

Today, many cars have ABS, and if your car is equipped with the technology, you can use it to safely bring your car to a halt. Since ABS does not lock the wheels like that of a normal brake system, you can control the motion of the car by pressing the pedals gently.

But if you want to stop your car fully if you need to, applying the necessary force on the pedals will do the job.

Using Normal Brakes

If ABS is not available in the car, you need to use normal brakes. To use them properly, you will need to be firm with the brakes, but not to be too hard on them so that you lock up the front wheel. When you apply too much pressure on the pedals, however, the wheels can lock up and if this happens, then you must instantly decrease the pressure lightly as this will help in slowing the car down smoothly.

During the driving test in Carlton, you must not release the brake pedal instantly as this will stop the car with a jolt.

If you have a brake system that is not ABS, you need to be careful on dry roads because the wheels lock up and the car might not stop instantly. So, hitting the brakes a bit earlier can always help. But apart from this when the wheels have locked up, you need to let go of the brake pedal pressure for regaining steering control.

Being Careful before a Corner

As a beginner, you need to be careful of braking in corners and ask your instructor about this in your weekend driving lessons in Carlton.

Before hitting the brakes if there is a corner near you it is necessary to slow down so that you can smoothly manoeuvre your car. This will also help you to avoid impacts with other objects and avoid accidents.

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