What to Expect in a 90-minute 5 Lessons Package with Test?

The very first lesson for many people is when they sit on the driver’s seat- quite Nervous and heart-throbbing!

According to professional trainers, a learner must always succeed in controlling the car in confidence. When he/she succeeds, then the job is quarter done.

Enrolling with a driving school gets the things done quite easily. Under the supervision of the professionals, the learners not only brim in confidence but get to learn about all those basics that account to become a responsible and safe driver. There are several elements that need to be covered when it comes to learning the lessons in the best possible way.

The various institutes and reputed driving school in Melbourne like Academy Of Driving Excellence strive on providing the best to the learners. Hence, the training modules consist of lessons that cover almost all aspects of driving. The professionals associated with training, look out for all the possible means of imparting a top-notch training without compromising with the basics and quality.

With the presence of different types of modules, thorough training is imparted only while going through the rigorous practice sessions. Therefore, while choosing any of the learning sessions, it is important to look out for the various inclusions.

The following is a quick view on the inclusions in the $515 ‘90-minute 5 Lessons Package with Test’ offered by Academy of Driving Excellence—

Customised Driving Lesson for Learners & Professionals

customised driving lesson for learners & professionals

With 7-day teaching, the lessons are focussed on auto or manual driving with a fixed interval of 90 mins, 60 mins, and 45 mins. The lessons imparted by driving instructor in Melbourne are streamlined catering to the best initial training lessons that include teaching the basic functionality and ways to operate.

The training approach of the instructors has always been friendly with the emphasis being given on honing the trainee’s skill on the ability to handle the vehicle, judgement, and sharpening the various observatory skills. The intensive driving lessons stand tall on different aspects and set the platform to pass the entire driving test.

Log Book Training

Rectifying the faults during the practice sessions has helped the learner to switch their gears from driving jerky to a smooth one while keeping control of the vehicle. According to the supervisors from Academy Of Driving Excellence, an accredited and reputed driving school in Melbourne, this performance analysis under the strict intervention of the supervisor has helped the learner to abide by the safety norms and road tips. The logbook training helps the learner to maintain the record of the learning hours that play a crucial role in deciding the eligibility of an individual for the driving test.

Preparation for the Driving Test

preparation for the driving test

The friendly, experienced, and professional instructors during the entire learning period ascertain that the trainee performs all the tasks with the best effort and hence, guidance is provided on all aspects to minimise all the possible risks involved. The package includes a certain amount of dedicated hours that hone the skill and assist in driving the vehicle keeping it in full control, abiding by the road rules.


The packages from Academy Of Driving Excellence, have in them all the essential elements that would help to define how the learner is going to be. Therefore, right from ascertaining safe, secured driving to maximising the chances of success, the professionals leave no stone unturned in delivering the best guidance on driving lessons.