Why You Should Drive Slow If You Are Feeling Confused in the Road?

Driving instructors always instruct their students to drive slowly for various reasons and the number one reason is that they can have better control of the car and can avert accidents. Additionally, if they are feeling confused while they are behind the wheels, they will need to stop the car and park it at a safe spot. But for that, they will need to drive slowly.

There are other reasons too for which the instructors recommend the students to drive slowly in case they are feeling confused and here we will take a look at them.

  • Slow Driving Can Help You to Locate the Safe Spot

As mentioned, you will need to find a safe spot if you are feeling confused while driving. But if you are driving too fast, locating the spot might become difficult. So, your instructor from the driving school near Melbourne will always tell you to control your speed whenever you don’t understand anything while traversing through the area.

  • Getting Into the Parking Spot will Become Easier

After locating the parking spot, you will need to get there and park your car. But if you are driving too fast, getting into the parking spot might become difficult. So, if you suddenly start to feel confused while moving through a particular area, you should drive slowly and get to a safe lane so that you can quickly get to the parking spot after locating it.

  • You Get Better Control Of Your Car

Since you are driving slowly, you can control your car better. So, if you are feeling confused due to any reason, you can quickly come to a stop. On the contrary, driving at a faster speed can do more harm than good. If you cannot control your car, you might face an accident.

  • You Can Avoid Accident

If you are taking or have taken a driving course in Melbourne, you know that the key to avoiding accidents is to drive slowly. Moreover, when and if you start feeling confused, controlling your car becomes more difficult by default. So, as a beginner, you should always drive slow to stay safe at all times.

  • You Can Quickly make the Best Decisions 

Confusion can get triggered due to many reasons and at that point, you will need to make the best decisions to stay safe. But when you are driving at a higher speed, you might not get the time to make the right decision. Rather, the opposite might happen. So, slow driving is always recommended.

  • You Can Make a Hands Free Call 

Though making a call is strictly not recommended while driving, if your car has the functionality of a hands-free call, you can dial for help if you are feeling confused. However, if you are driving too fast, making the call might become difficult.

  • You Can Pull the Brakes at the Right Spot

While in confusion, if you are driving fast and you have to make a stop at the right spot, you will need to pull the brakes, and going at a faster speed makes this difficult. But a slow speed can indeed save your life.

Thus, if you follow these points as a beginner driver, you can save yourself from accidents while on the road.

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