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Drive with Confidence by Learning in Driving School in Melbourne

At the Academy of Driving Excellence we have accredited, professional and patient instructors who make you into lifelong safe and confident drivers, and guarantee a high success rate on the driving test. With the Academy of Driving Excellence you know you are in good hands. We service all suburbs and our multi-lingual instructors make it easy for you to learn in your own language.
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Affordable Driving Lessons


  • 45 MINUTES


  • 60 MINUTES


  • 90 MINUTES



5 lessons package Auto

  • 45 MINUTES


  • 60 MINUTES


  • 90 MINUTES



10 lessons package Auto

  • 45 MINUTES


  • 60 MINUTES


  • 90 MINUTES



Drive test

  • Drive test only


    Pick up & drop off vicroads only

  • 45 min including test


  • 60 min including test



5 lessons package with test

  • 45 MINUTES-including test


  • 60 MINUTES-including test


  • 90 MINUTES-including test



Drive test & 2 lessons

  • 60 MINUTES


  • 90 MINUTES




Skilled & Professional Driving Instructors in Melbourne

At the Academy Driving Excellence, we take the pride of having the most trained and qualified driving instructors in Melbourne, whose friendly and professional approaches help new learners behind the wheel. Our instructors have years of experience and work together to offer a well-balanced training program which aims to ease nervous beginners into becoming safe drivers on our roads. We only employ professional and patient instructors who can act as a calming and knowledgeable teacher to all our students.

Effective Methods of Training

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, our instructors are qualified experts in the field and assure to provide a high-level quality of service. They extensively plan of each lesson catering to a student's unique needs for them to successfully pass their driving test on the first attempt. Our instructors utilize effective techniques derived from their many years of experience to engage all students in a constructive yet a friendly manner to ensure that a helpful and positive learning environment is created. All of our instructors come to you at your convenience, and we cover all suburbs around Victoria.

Supportive Instructors

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we have multi-lingual instructors to help drivers from all backgrounds and ethnicity to be safe on the road. They contribute to build confidence within all our students and allow for them to gain crucial skills and techniques to ensure that they remain stress-free on the roads. We do recognize and understand that students do want lessons to their availability times, so we make sure that our instructors do organist lessons to commute to each student with arranging lessons during the weekends and early or late time slots.

Preparing for Driving Test

At Academy of Diving Excellence, we ensure that our experienced trainers make all of our students receive great value for their money. We have accredited instructors who make students into confident drivers who promote safe driving. We aspire our students to learn all the crucial skills quickly yet sufficiently so that in no time they can have their L's and P's. Our driving instructor in Melbourne focuses on all aspects of driving for all of our students to have the best preparation possible for their driving test.

Frequently asked questions

To begin with, driving isn’t quite simple the way it seems, you have to properly know the road rules before you turn the wheels. For this you have to undergo formal training to become a confident driver and follow road safety. A good instructor ensures their learners gain good driving skills, experience and safety while driving. Only good training will help you to become a successful and competent driver. So selecting a good driving school is one of the most important decisions that you need to make.

All depends on the abilities of learning, everyone is different some people require more lessons and some need few lessons.

There are three type of lessons 45 minutes lessons ,60 minutes lessons and double 90 minutes lessons.

The vic roads driving test is between 35-40 minutes.

Double lessons can be a more efficient use of time if you are travelling to a different area to practice in special conditions – heavier traffic for example. Many people also find double lessons far more effective because they can learn more at once.

A free one hour lesson to all learners and their supervising driver. Condition : (need to provide ID number for the free lesson ).
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