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Why Us?

Why Are We No. 1 Driving School in Melbourne?

After beating other competitors over the past few decades, we have emerged as Melbourne’s leading driving school due to our enriched resources in terms of having well-maintained cars, professional driving instructors, offering advanced driving lessons and all other facilities that help you become a safe and confident driver within a few months!

Indeed, amongst all of the Driving School Melbourne, today we are the most sought-after driving School melbourne training professionals. The following are some of the characteristic features why we are the best driving school Melbourne.

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USP’s that Set us Apart

Advanced Driving Lessons:-

Our unique and advanced teaching techniques hone skills of beginner drivers and make them a pro within a short time span. We provide practical driving lessons tailored to suit individual requirements.

100% Guaranteed Driving License:-

We do not believe in wasting your precious time and hard-earned cash, therefore, impart practical knowledge and on-road driving skills that will not only make you a safe driver but boost your confidence too.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we promise to offer a professional and efficient service: Driving lesson Melbourne to clients applying for their P’s As probably the most renowned driving school in Melbourne.

Cheap Driving Packages *365 days:-

Unlike other competitors we do not surprise you with hidden charges. Our prices are best in the industry and are designed for keeping your budget in mind.

We have competitive prices and packages to suit every person. Don’t hesitate to contact us now and to inquire about our services and rates.

Patient and Friendly Instructors:-

Our professional driving instructors understand your concern and make you feel relaxed and comfortable at every stage of driving. They are patient, courteous and friendly in nature. Our driving instructor Melbourne teachs our student all the fundamental techniques and the needed facts to be able to drive safely on the day to day life.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we work with our students to successfully help them to become the safest driver possible by helping them overcome their P’s.

Our driving school Melbourne instructors, appointed for guiding the trainees with the lessons prescribed for the best driving school Melbourne, have expertise in a large variety of different road circumstances such as on the highway, performing a hook turn, changing lanes and merging lanes.

We promise you that all of our instructors will update you constantly with the local and recent road information.

We pride ourselves on having friendly, reliable, highly professional driving instructors Melbourne who not only love to teach students on how to become a safe driver for the rest of their life but also impart log book training, test preparation and crash avoidance techniques.

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Driving lessons to clients applying for Australian licence

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, we recommend all our students to take a few classes, to be most knowledgeable about the law and what must be done to pass the driving test; such as being comfortable with the test route.

Thanks to our long expertise in teaching beginners, the great results are highly achieved at driving tests with the majority of students passing in their first attempt.

At Academy of Driving Excellence, students have the opportunity to learn from our experienced and professional driving instructor Melbourne the driving skills and tips to good driving. They can also indulge in long hours of practice in different and unexpected situations. Our driving instructors will ensure that the driver is learning to react in various situation such as driving in the rain, driving at night, driving in the city.

Our Traits:

Our instructors at the Academy of Driving Excellence help the students to fully comprehend and help formulate the answers to the many risks that young drivers may experience while driving.

At the Academy of Driving Excellence, our driving course in Melbourne helps all the young drivers and their supervisors to learn and comprehend the importance of developing the necessary driving experience and skills so that when they become a solo driver, they are at less risk of harming themselves or others on the road. While drivers have been about six months on their Plates, they are more likely to experience zero harm.

The Academy of Driving Excellence teaches all the first timers and anxious drivers to be the best and safest driver possible.

Let’s talk about Tips for Safe Driving. Call us NOW
Want to hit the road with 100%confidence? Join hands with us and enjoy safe driving like never before!

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