Services We Offer

Services We Offer

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Driving lessons to Clients Applying For Learners Permits
The Academy of Driving Excellence is a driving school specialising in teaching nervous and first time drivers. It prides itself on having friendly, reliable, highly professional driving instructors who not only love to teach students on how to become safe drivers for life but also have lots of patience and experience with log book training, test preparation and crash avoidance techniques. Thanks to our long and special expertise in teaching beginners, great results are achieved at driving tests with the majority of students passing at the first test.

Driving lessons to Clients Applying for Red Probationary Licences
We teach you the techniques and the facts of driving safely in your daily life.

Driving lessons to Clients Applying for Green Probationary Licences
We work together to help you to become a safe driver whilst on your P.

Driving lessons to Clients Applying for Australian Driver Licence from Overseas
We recommend to take a few warm up classes so you are comfortable with the law and the test route.

Refresher courses for the elderly
Refresher driving course is to brush up your driving skills.