Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary to Learn Driving With Driving Instructors and With Other Experience?
To begin with, driving isn’t quite simple the way it seems, you have to properly know the road rules before you turn the wheels. For this you have to undergo formal training to become a confident driver and follow road safety. A good instructor ensures their learners gain good driving skills, experience and safety while driving. Only good training will help you to become a successful and competent driver. So selecting a good driving school is one of the most important decisions that you need to make.

How Many Do I Need Before Get My License?

All depends on the abilities of learning, everyone is different some people require more lessons and some need few lessons.

How Many Type of Lessons is There?

There are three type of lessons 45 minutes lessons ,60 minutes lessons and double 90 minutes lessons.

How Long is the Vic Roads Driving Test?

The vic roads driving test is between 35-40 minutes.

What Are the Advantages of Double Lessons?

Double lessons can be a more efficient use of time if you are travelling to a different area to practice in special conditions – heavier traffic for example. Many people also find double lessons far more effective because they can learn more at once.

I Never Drove Before I Am Very Nervous?

Most new learners are very nervous, all our instructors are patient and trained to deal with nervous drivers and know how to make you feel comfortable.

How Do I Pay You?

You can pay by cash or bank transfers or you can pay via PayPal

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