Log Book Training

Log Book Training in Melbourne by Supervising Driving Trainers

Academy of driving excellence is a driving school specialising in teaching nervous and first time drivers. Log book training in Melbourne is one of our specialised services that we have included in our course for the learners to follow a methodical approach. Our highly friendly, reliable, professional, multi-lingual driving instructors are expert in working with the students from different cultures, backgrounds and ages.

Training New Learners

We understand that the new learners, who get behind the steering wheel for the first time, are sure to remain stressed out. Therefore, our qualified professional instructors focus on taking the stress away and build necessary confidence and skills in the new drivers in the safest way possible.

Our driving instructors plan driving practice sessions to help the students in developing the attitude they need to become a safe driver. To make the students adopt safe driving skills in different driving situations, the instructors gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Stages of Training

The expert instructors check the new drivers at each stage and decide when to move to next stage. As they assess their performance while they shift from jerky to smooth phase, learn speed control, their driving skill becomes more consistent with fewer mistakes, and they start moving on without any supervising intervention.

As a driver, you are responsible towards your safety and the safety of the other roads users. Therefore, learning and knowing the roads rules is an absolute necessity before getting behind the wheels. Therefore, the instructors also make sure that the students understand the roads, road law, the structures and the safety on the road.

The learners need to develop a strong partnership and bonding with the driving instructor. The students, who are already equipped with some professional driving lessons, always put stress on having a supervising instructor by their side. We give a chance to our learners to collaborate with our highly skilled professionals for getting added guidance to deal with more complicated situations.

Supervising Driver

The new students are required to be seated next to a supervising driver while having their lessons. All our supervising drivers have full and current non-probationary Victorian licence and carry their licence with them all the time. We make sure our supervising drivers holding overseas or interstate licence has minimum two or more years of experience and fall in the category of motor vehicle which the new drivers are driving. Our supervising drivers also fulfil the requirement of 0.05 blood alcohol concentration with the need of zero BAC.

As per our regulations, the new drivers, who do not complete 120 hours including 10 hours at night, are not eligible for taking up the driving test. Moreover, the new solo drivers need to practice under a broad range of different conditions with the supervising driver by your side so that you won’t have to face awkward situation while on the road. The different conditions include wet weather, peak and off peak traffic on roads in various speed zones.

New learners with about 120 hours of experience have a crash risk 30% lower than the drivers with only 50 hours of experience. We allow you to plan your practice and expertise using the learner kit and focus on achieving the skills that will make you a safe driver.

We are a proud member of ADTAV : award
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