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Academy of Driving Excellence is one of the most vetted names offering driving lessons to those aspiring to get driving license – and not without reasons. We offer some of the most consolidated driving lessons that encompass every aspect of driving and related skills, traffic and safety rules and a fair amount of knowledge about the mechanics of the vehicles, functionalities of crucial spare parts and servicing. Thus you see, our driving lessons are pretty all-inclusive. However, our real USP is our driving instructors. We are home to some of the most prolific and professional driving instructors in Doncaster who will make the lessons appear like a cakewalk even to the first time learners.
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What makes our Doncaster driving instructors so different?

Firstly, our driving instructors near Doncaster are highly professional and experienced and this makes a lot of difference in their approach as they impart training to the newbies.

Secondly, we would take a customised approach while explaining things to our trainees. Out of their sheer experience and knowledge they know what it takes to impart lessons to the trainees.

They know that all the trainees do not have the same IQ, intellect and grasping power. Thus, they will take a purely customised approach to come up with an approach, which will not only help the trainees grasp the lessons fast, but master the skills with authority and at a brisk pace.

Our Doncaster driving instructors will go all the way, and even mend ways to resolve queries – trivial as well as intricate, with equal seriousness, care and compassion. It is this professional, yet friendly approach of our mentors that leaves our trainees with a feeling of ease while taking lessons. And this laid back, customised approach of our mentors help our trainees with confidence and mastery over the skills.

All these go a long way to crack the driving test at one go.

In short, our Doncaster driving mentors are the backbone of our driving school.

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