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‘Drive With Confidence Anywhere, Anytime’

At ‘Academy Of Driving Excellence’ we provide you with comprehensive, low risk and high reward driving lessons in Albert Park by our expert driving instructors. Our proven training techniques will help boost your skills behind the wheels and keep you SAFE even on the busiest highways.

Our driving instructors are certified and proud members of ADTAV, and having trained countless students so far; you can be rest assured that you will master the art of Defensive Driving in no-time.

So, spare yourself from the stress of upskilling your driving skills and enrol for our in-depth course training. Other than providing you with a wonderful learning environment and guarantee that you’ll clear the test; we will also reward you with your legitimate driving license.

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Do you have a long-time desire of having your own driving licence? Looking for a reputed driving school for enrolling yourself for a practical driving course?

YES! you are absolutely on the right page! We, at Academy Of Driving Excellence, your reliable driving school in Albert Park are here to fulfil your desire by deploying some of the best driving instructors in town and also clarify your doubts with absolute transparency.

WONDERING HOW? Well, come and let’s have a front to front chat with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • US:- Greetings & Welcome To Academy Of Driving Excellence!
  • You:- Appreciate it. I am a learner driver who took a hand-full of driving lessons from my dad a few months back. And watching me learn whatever taught, so quickly, my dad suggested me to take up professional course training. So, stating the obvious- I am interested in enrolling. But before that; I wish to know what you mean by defensive driving?
  • US:- Glad you know that you’ve shown interest in our driving lessons. We have all the resources backed by thoroughly experienced instructors to help you master the art of driving. And to answer your question about defensive driving- it is a special course training which teaches you how to drive responsibly and stay safe even in testing driving conditions. This course training covers all the basic driving etiquettes which learners need to abide by when taking charge of the steering wheel.
  • You:- That sounds about right for me. But are your training cars safe or properly maintained?
  • US:- Yes, they most certainly are! We make it a point to ensure that each of our vehicles is thoroughly inspected for faults or worn out parts. They are also properly cleaned and pre-tested to ensure they operate soundly whenever used.
  • You:- That’s great to hear. My next question is exactly how many driving lessons do I need, to get my License?
  • US:- This depends on the skills and learning ability of the driver. If you are a fast learner and are willing to work hard, then you will need fewer lessons. But that is not the same for every student.
  • You:- How Are Your Lessons Categorised? And, can you explain to me what is a hazard perception test?
  • US:- Good Question! As a notable driving school in the area; we have different lesson packages to suit students with different requirements and free-time. From single lessons (automatic) to 10 lesson packages to 5 lesson package with a driving test; we have an impressive variety. And the best part of all is they are all priced at reasonable rates.
  • US:- As for your next question- Hazard perception test- is a special test which validates the learner ability to detect a developing hazard. The test is computer-based, and you can check out the video presentation on our home page.
  • You:- I hate to say this, but I am very nervous. It is after, all my first ever driving course training. Do you think I am cut-out for it?
  • US:- We believe that the will to succeed has to come from you and only YOU. However, what we will do is give you all the guidance and driving training needed to tread even in the busiest highways.
  • US:- Besides, we have a success rate of over 90%, and your course training will be conducted by our experienced driving instructor in Albert Park. So, we think you will do quite well provided you believe in yourself!Do You Wish To Speak To Us More, Or If You Still Have Doubts, You Can Always Call Us @ 0425 749 703.
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