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Glen Iris Driving School – Imparting the best lessons

If you are in a dilemma about which driving school is the best of its kind in Glen Iris, the answer to this all-important question is, Academy of Driving Excellence.

Indeed, we are one of the most cost-effective and one of the best in the business, being home to some of the most seasoned and experienced driving instructors in Glen Iris. We are licensed and have been in the business of curving the best drivers out of the trainees for years, and gathering enough accolades from various quarters for our excellence!

Why Us

Firstly, Academy of Driving Excellence has been one of the most reputed names, and secondly and most importantly, our training curriculum has been holistic – all throughout. In other words, they not only help in the making of the best blokes at the wheels but decent mechanics as well, with a more or less in-depth knowledge of the technicalities that are associated with driving.
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The Training Modules…

The modules that we take the help of, to impart driving lessons in Glen Iris are prepared by seasoned specialists, who have taken into consideration the latest traffic rules and regulations in place while designing them. The training sessions comprise of a perfect blend of classroom and practical sessions that help the trainees to get adequate first hand experience of driving, before they appear for the driving test..

The mentors…

Our driving instructors in Glen Iris are not only professional and seasoned enough to provide the best lessons, they are friendly as well, so much so that the trainees are at ease right from the word ‘go’. They are open to questions and this helps the trainees to interact with them and acquire as much knowledge as they can, including the finer points that are otherwise ignored at other driving schools.

The Flexibility Factor…

We are flexible as well, so much so that you are always able to take up lessons as per your convenience. This also helps you to be in the pinnacle of mental state and health, and concentrate fully during the training. As a result of it, our driving lessons never put any stress or strain, helping you to learn things with ease – rather smoothly. You learn better and faster due to this!!

All these lead to one simple conclusion – cracking the final test at one go and obtaining the much-desired driving licence at the very first attempt!

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