Driving School Glen Waverley

Driving School in Glen Waverley Run by Qualified Instructors

Want to learn driving and achieve a license to take your favourite model out on the road? But not sure where to invest in a competent driving lesson in Glen Waverley.

Well, look no other than Academy Of Driving Excellence, to get qualified and highly experienced professionals to learn the defensive driving.

If you’re confused about how to converse or what to ask from our instructors, here is a brief exposure of what customers generally ask-

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Customer: Is this Academy Of Driving Excellence?
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Yes! How may I help you?
  • Customer: I’m interested to enrol with a driving lesson, and found your driving school in Glen Waverley within my reach. Can you tell me about your lesson plan in brief?
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Yes, it is a pleasure for us to help you. As soon as you enrol with us, our driving instructors will pick you up right from the doorstep. Let us know your address, and we will book a slot for you.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: So, are you learner driver or intermediate one who wants to brush up their skills?
  • Customer: Well, I’m enrolling for the first time for a driving lesson, apart from what I have learnt till now form my parents and friends. And, those are the people, who suggested me to enrol for a lesson plan under driving instructor Glen Waverley.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Our driving instructors will start around the streets of Glen Waverley and neighbourhood. With gradual improvement in your experience, we take you from the quiet roads to comparatively busier ones.
  • Customer: It really sounds worthy of going for. But, I’m a bit nervous about driving classes, as the main roads neighbouring Glen Waverley are really busy.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Ah! Freight not! Our instructors will be with you throughout the lesson. They will guide and instruct you to make you a competent driver. Our instructors will focus on building your road skills, driving skills and develop confidence.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Our driving instructors are accredited with having lots of experience about road conditions and updated road rules in and around Glen Waverley.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: We offer driving lessons for clients applying for learner permits, red probationer licences, green probationary licences, Australian driving licence from overseas, a refresher course for elderly and free one hour lesson to all the drivers.
  • Customer: How do you prepare a nervous learner?
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: At Academy Of Driving Excellence, we make learners aware of how to maneuver the vehicle safely throughout the road according to the road conditions and road users. After completion of the scheduled lesson plan, we conduct a test to identify how much skill you have developed.
  • Customer: I reckon that I need your driving classes, but how long the classes may take?
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Our single lesson plan, 5 lesson package, 10 lesson package, Drive test, and 5 lessons packages and we conduct tests- these all span from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • Customer: Okay! I found it great to join your classes and want to start practising from next week. Pick me up from…I will discuss the pricing on the day I join you.
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Thanks mate!
Hope this conversation has helped you a lot. And, for more such information, contact our professionals at 0425 749 703.
Let’s talk about Driving School in Glen Waverley. Call us NOW

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