Driving School Mount Waverley

Driving Lessons at Mount Waverley – Helping you get the Licence At One Go

  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Good Morning, it is Academy of Driving can I help you??
  • Customer: Hi, Good Morning, I am looking forward to taking driving lessons. Can you help me out?
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: O sure! Where are you from?
  • Customer: I stay by Valley Road, near Bensons in Mount Waverley.
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: Oh! That’s fine, that’s one of our service areas. Most of our instructors are local. That will be good for you. They are well conversant with the local routes, and secondly, they will be able to provide you with training as per your conveyance.

    They will pick you up from a place you find comfortable with, and will leave you back to your Valley Road home!!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Customer: O, that’s Great!!! By the way, can you tell something about your company?
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: O yes! Let me introduce ourselves! We are home to a bunch of most competent instructors who will not only help you learn how to drive but imbibe the passion of driving in you! Surely, a stint with us will not only make you the most promising bloke at the wheels but helps you feel the pulse of your car! In short, we curve the best driver out of you!!
  • Customer: Well that’s great, but that’s something everyone says!!!
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: O that’s true, but you know, we have been in the industry for years now. And experience and the quality of our driving lessons in Mount Waverley and the competency of our trainers have made up one of the top brass names in this industry. Just go through the testimonials, and you get the impression of what do! You can have reference numbers as well!
  • Customer:Are you registered?
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: O definitely! We are registered, and your mentors are licensed with excellent training records. We provide customised training programs that will meet your bespoke needs. Every driving instructor in Mount Waverley we have is patient, extremely friendly, yet professional so that you are at ease right from the word go!!!

    And they not only teach you to drive but explain you the technical aspects as well. And they are well conversant about the latest traffic rules.

  • Customer: Well, that’s interesting, you know! But what about the fees?
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: We are extremely pocket-friendly. We have so many modules for you – Single-Lesson, 5-Lesson package, 10-lesson package. Then we arrange for the driving test. This apart, we have a 5-lesson package with test and a 2-lesson package with the test. Why don’t you refer to our website for the package details? That’s what makes us such a reputed driving school in Mount frank!
  • Customer: Well, that’s great..planning to come down this around..what about.3.30 in the afternoon? Is that good??
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: That’s great…we are open from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening all seven days.
  • Customer: By the way, I have a cousin sister who stays in Wolseley Parade in West Melbourne. Can she come on board as well?
    Academy Of Driving Excellence: Yes she can ..very well!! West Melbourne is one of our service areas. We offer services in Eastern, West, North, South and inner Melbourne. Besides we cover quite some Victoria Roads as well!
  • Customer: Well, then!! Thanks a lot! See you this Sunday afternoon! Have a nice day!!!
Let’s talk about Driving School in Mount Waverley. Call us NOW

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