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Driving School in Prahran Run by Qualified Instructors

Are you passionate about driving? Feel huge adrenalin-rush whenever you imagine yourself driving on highways like a pro? Take charge of the steering with full confidence! YES! Academy of Driving Excellence can make your dream come true within a few months.

80% of the drivers you see on roads of Prahran are passed out from our driving school so you can well imagine our success rate!

So, if you want to secure your driving licence and hit the road with full confidence, delay no further to enroll in our driving school in Prahran for an advanced driving course. Our skilled driving instructors are the best in town who can help you pass driving test with 100% success. WONDERING HOW? Well, to explore our services, dial our number and have an open-end chat with us.

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Driving Lessons
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Academy of Driving Excellence: “Good morning, Academy of Driving Excellence! How may I help you?”
  • Client: “Good morning, I’m Steve. I was going through your content and came to know about your services. I’m willing to learn driving but couldn’t get hold of a reliable driving school in Prahran for a long time. But your facts and figures truly impressed me for which I couldn’t restrict myself from giving a call instantly! Can you tell me more about your services in detail?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: ” Sure! It’s our pleasure “. At driving school in Prahran, we provide advanced driving lessons in Prahran for beginners & professionals with 100% guaranteed success. Our team comprise of certified & professional driving instructors who are based in Prahran and organise practical training sessions, driving classes at your preferred time. We have flexible time slots of intervals 45 mins, 60 mins & 90 minutes so that you can choose slots as per your convenience.
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: For driving lessons, our driving instructors can pick you either from your home or office and even drop you at your home in Prahran.”
  • Client: “I’m totally new to driving and nervous too! How can I win over my nerves?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Being a new driver, it’s common for you to panic. But our driving instructors are patient, friendly and well-trained to handle beginner drivers. They will take you through the quiet streets of Prahran and as you gradually improve, our driving instructors will move on to the busiest roads. They will make you feel comfortable during the training sessions and motivate you every time you take charge of the steering.”
  • Client: “Well, that sounds impressive! Can you tell me about your log book training program?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Ah! Sure! Log book training is one of our specialised services that we provide for first time drivers. Our skilled, reliable multi-lingual driving instructors are expert in dealing with students from different culture & backgrounds and will build your confidence and skills for the driving test.”
  • Client: ” So, how long will be the Vic Roads Driving Test?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: ” Vic roads driving test will be in between 35-40 minutes approximately. Our driving mentors are accredited by Vic roads and have solid industry experience in conducting driving test in Vic roads.
  • Client: “What type of cars do you provide for training? Are they safe?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Well, we have both manual and automatic driving cars of latest models, well-maintained with dual-pedal controls that guarantee safety, comfort and convenience.”
  • Client: “That sounds great!”
  • Client: ” I’m eager to get my driving lessons as early as possible. Is that possible?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Sure. We offer crash courses on driving which will develop your skill of judgement, enhance your ability to handle car, sharpen observatory skills and make you aware of the traffic signs, signals which would be beneficial for you in the long run.”
  • Client: “Thank you for your information! Your services are worth impressing. Moreover, the driving packages mentioned on your website are quite affordable. I’m interested in booking a lesson from next Monday. So how do I pay you?”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “Your most welcome.
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: For payment, you can pay via cash, bank transfers or Paypal whichever is convenient for you.”
  • Client: “Okay! Will do for sure.”
  • Academy Of Driving Excellence: “It was nice talking to you. Welcome to Prahran’s leading driving school! We look forward to a long-term relationship with you!
  • Client: “Nice talking to you too! See you on Monday!”
Let’s talk about Driving School in Prahran. Call us NOW

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