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Driving School In Richmond- Your 1st Step To Becoming A Competent Driver!

Driving is a key skill which everyone who crosses their legitimate age should learn. But regardless of your confidence and parental assistance, it is a skill which takes time and lots of practice, to perfect.

Plus, there is also the safety factor which you have to keep in mind when driving. The streets are always full of the unexpected, and to safely tackle each of them; you need to learn how to identify potential road hazards, unacceptable behaviour of other irresponsible drivers, pedestrians and more.

We at ‘Academy Of Driving Excellence’ – your trusted driving school in Richmond

‘Don’t Just Teach You How To Drive Properly, But Educates You On All The Keys To Safe, Defensive Driving Which Helps To Stay Alive.’

We take pride in our professional and experienced driving instructors who do everything in their power to make you the driver you dreamed off deep-down!

So… If you yearn to become a responsible and competent driver and rule the road anytime and from anywhere, we, welcome you to enrol for our comprehensive and true to Australian-standard lessons.

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Meet & Learn From The Most Qualified Mentors In Richmond

Being a top driving school in the area; we are proud members of ADTAV and consist of a pass rate of over 90%. Our course training and our mentor’s guidance ensures every student leaves our academy feeling confident and thoroughly educated on safe driving.Our instructors are patient, friendly and conduct lessons at a pace which is suitable for every individual. This is regardless of whatever level they stand at. Our drivers are well-versed with the latest driving rules and regulations which they happily pass it on to students during their respective course training.

This means- not only do you get customised driving lessons suited to your pace, but you also become well-informed on all road rules to help you avert road mishaps and inconveniences.

But that’s not all! Along with our cordial and friendly instructors; our students also receive ample help every step of their way from our administration staff to procure their legitimate driving license.

Impeccably Structured Training Schedule- Perfect Blend Of In-class & Practical Lessons!

If these reasons were not enough; here’s another one to add your list! At ‘Academy Of Driving Excellence’ we provide you with an impeccably structured training schedule which has a nice blend of in-class and practical training.

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