Academy Of Driving Excellence – Client Testimonials

Selim is great! He is organised, honest, patient and has a lot of knowledge and the right techniques to make us understand how to drive in Aussie way (opposite side for me). Thank God I found him to be my instructor and on my 1st practical exam in Carlton I passed. Now I got full License.
We are Brazilians
Selim is the best instructor in VIC and has massively helped me build my confidence on the road! He is also very friendly and easy to get along. He will always push his students to do their best, which helped me do 0 critical mistakes on my test!
Kean Chan
Selim helped me build my confidence on the road and drive safely. He determined my weaknesses and worked on improving them. He’s strict but fatherly at the same time. We had a 6 month gap from our lessons because of covid (no driving in between) but when i came back i can still remember what to do. Thank you Selim for all your help. It’s been a pleasure to be your student. Keep up the good work!
Charmagne Valencia
Selim is the best instructor any one can ever hope for. He has my respect and gratitude for turning my driving skills and imparting road sense. His methods of teaching are unquestionably the best. He understands each student by their own capabilities and coaches them intensively. He cares a lot about his students and makes sure they drive well.
Akila Ravi
Selim is a very professional and committed driving instructor. For me he is an excellent instructor.Without his guidance it was impossible for me to have cleared the test on my first attempt.Thanks for your support Selim.
Debarati Chaudhuri
Great instructor giving very detailed instructions about driving and being safe at when on roads. Great help to get P at first attempt.
Vivek Kumar Panjloo
Salim helped me get my driving skills right though have been driving overseas over a long period.
Selim fine tunes the driving and picks out the small details where the person needs to improve for the perfect attempt on the test day. Very observant instructors and thanks for your patience with me. Highly recommended.
Excellent coaching and guidance from Selim. Thanks to his patience and ability to pass on techniques. I started as novice and got my license at first attempt, definitely recommend the academy and special credits to Selim. Thanks!
Selim is a very professional and committed driving instructors. I had no prior driving experience. Under his guidance I learnt every nuance of driving a motor vehicle. I got my licence today , I thank him for his support. Thanks Selim , keep up the good work.
Selim is excellent coach. He guide you through out your lesson with passion. I passed my drive test on my first attempt. He helped me to overcomes my fear and to become safe driver. I will recommend Selim to everyone.
Selim is very patient and prepares you for your test so well! Cannot speak highly enough