4 Main Causes Behind Car Crashes & Its Prevention- Our Instructor’s Take!

Learning to drive is one important life-skill every individual should learn once they cross the threshold of 18-years. But mastering the art of SAFE driving doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, lots of practice and the will-to-learn and succeed!

Regardless of how skilled a driver you are; the slightest lapse of judgement or even a mere distraction can lead to a life-threatening collision. You, being the driver, need to follow all road safety rules, signals and watch the road and viewing mirrors to avoid any nasty collisions.

A recent study concluded that car accidents are very common throughout Australia. And believe it or not- most of them happen due to human error.

Academy Of Driving Excellence – strives to turn learners into life-long safe and competent drivers. By offering comprehensive learner driving lessons in Melbourne mainly focused on ‘Safe’ driving, we teach learners to avoid dangerous collisions or any kind of road-side mishaps!

In views of our driving instructors serving in Melbourne, the 4 common causes behind car collisions include:-

Speeding Unnecessarily:-

You must be familiar with the phrase- “Speed Thrills, But It Also Kills.” Well, this stands true in real-life when driving on a busy freeway.

Whenever a driver looks to drive at a far rate- she/he has little control over the vehicle. The more you accelerate, the more difficult it gets for you to hit the brakes when necessary.

Moreover, a speeding car, can also skid far away at a considerable pace and cause severe injuries to you and other innocent people on the same road. So, the wise choice would be to drive keeping the speed-limits in mind. Even though you may reach your destination 10 minutes late, at least you will be there safely and unscathed!

Getting Distracted While Driving:-

The moment you take control of the steering wheel, leave all distractions aside and focus only on the driving. Closely observe all the viewing mirrors, the road-ahead and the other drivers on the freeway.

Using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited as per the road safety rules. So, the next time you get a text message or receive a call, park the car aside and then tend to it.

Another thing- to prevent distractions, keep both hands on the steering wheel and set your mobile to driver mode. This will keep you from causing a deadly car accident.

Driving With Recklessness & Aggression:-

Time-after-time; our instructors teach every learner to keep a calm head when driving. Other than keeping a close eye on the road ahead, it is another key rule which drivers need to follow for being safe.

But those unfortunate few who drive recklessly and with aggression often find themselves in a spot of bother- some of which can even be dangerous! A few signs of aggressive driving include- changing lanes too quickly, ignoring the speeding-limits, cutting-off other vehicles or even trying to compete with another driver on a freeway. Don’t do this.

If you are not in the best frame of mind or have had a fight with your best friend, girlfriend or spouse, don’t drive. Take a walk or travel by cab. It will calm your mind, subdue your frustration, and most importantly keep you safe!

Driving When Being Drunk:-

Our instructors consider- ‘Drinking and driving to be a mismatch and illegal’. And truth be told, it is one of the major causes of car accidents, not only in Australia but in other countries too!

Driving when drunk is also a sign of being irresponsible. When you drunk drive; you are not only putting your life at risk but also endangering the lives of others on the road.

The smart thing to do is wait till the drinking effects disappear. If you have downed one too many, then ask your friend (who is not drunk) to drive you home. Another option is booking a cab, not only for you but all your drunk friends. This will ensure everyone reaches home safely without causing any road-side nuisance.

Life’s too short, and so there’s no need for you to FLIRT WITH DANGER, especially when treading over busy freeways. Follow our instructor’s tips when driving and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD.

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